Dartmouth Football
Head Coach Buddy Teevens
Teevens gave us an overview of three topics:
  • Mentoring young athletes
  • Tackle Robots (MVP - Mobile Virtual Player) and ideas to reduce the risk of Chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE)
  • Role of women in coaching.
Teevens began his talk talking about his ties to the Upper Valley, from his days as a undergraduate at Dartmouth, to coming back to coach at Dartmouth.  This is is second stint at Coaching at Dartmouth.  He let us know that he has two children who now live in Lebanon too.  He is currently in his 15th season of Coaching at Dartmouth. He has overseen the expansion of football facilities at Dartmouth. He has 40 years of coaching experience.  See his bio on the Dartmouth Athletics web page for more details. Click Here for Teevens bio information
He began his talk discussing his efforts to mentor young football players from backgrounds diverse.  A component of the mentoring is teaming community members with players. He encouraged members to consider participating this activity.
The then talked about his drive to find ways to limit head and orthopedic injuries in football.  He a change in culture is needed. He reviewed changes he has made in Dartmouth training program. He started an innovative program to use robots as tackling dummies. Click here to see video of Robots and the article, During practice, the MVP robot can stand in for American football players and take the tackles

Dartmouth has reduced head injuries in practice by 80%.  They now use sensors in helmets to help understand how many hits heads are taking while playing football.
He reminded us that CTE maybe a bigger issue for female athletes, and more attention needs to focused on women's sport programs (soccer and lacross to name two).
His final topic was Women and Coaching Click Here for NECN story, Dartmouth College Football Aims to Boost Female Coaches. He educated us about the Women's Professional Football Alliance. Click hereto read about the Alliance.  He anticipates that a female coach may be a part of his program in the near future.
We are welcome to go and watch foot ball practices held on Blackman Field 2:00-4:30 PM
If you want a little more info about football training at Dartmouth, Click Here to see the YouTube film, The Dartmouth Way