Why give to the Rotary Foundation Annual Fund?
Our District Rotary Foundation Grant for Addiction Recovery Coaches Approved!
What, specifically, will the grant money be used for?
This grant is education funding for recovery coaches to obtain certification. The money will be used to sponsor the educational program to train twelve qualified substance-abuse recovery coaches and to provide them with dedicated Chromebook notebook computers to record patient information and the related treatment-plan data to assure continuity of treatment and confidential case information. Cost per student: approximately $500. In addition we will use up to $500 to help coaches provide patients with support they may need, such as transportation, child care, clothing, and other related support services.
The courses are given generally over a period of four to six months with multiple training sections using the grant funds. The required education shall be provided, sponsored or approved by: (1) The Association for Addiction Professionals; (2) The New Hampshire Training Institute on Addictive Disorders; (3) The New Hampshire Center for Excellence; (4) The New England Institute of Addition Studies; (5) The New Hampshire Technical Institute; (6) The New Hampshire Alcohol & Drug Abuse Counselors Association; (7) Any educational unit of the New Hampshire community college system; or (8) Any other public or private agency or institution providing training related to any of the topics listed below. [See the attached training addendum.] The participants have no control over the timing of the section presentations.
For counselors to be certified, they must have 500 hours of paid or volunteer work experience as described in certification guidelines and 46 hours of education covering the 12 core functions in four domains:
·Ethical responsibility;
·Mentoring and education;
·Recovery and wellness support.
Further to include AT LEAST:
1) 16 hours of education in ethics related to substance-abuse counseling;
2) 6 hours of education in suicide prevention; and
3) 6 hours of education in HIV and AIDS.
We will allocate funding from the grant to these three things:
  • Educational Seminar—up to $4,000
  • Computers—up to $2,000
  • Other related services to support patients—up to $500
Total—$6,000 ($3,000 from the Rotary Foundation and $3,000 from the club)