Posted by JoAnn Lemieux on May 30, 2017


The Spoke
Newsletter of the Rotary Club of Lebanon, New Hampshire
                                                                                     Date: 5/25/17
Called to order by: President Kevin
Opening Song:  R-O-T-A-R-Y
Patriotic Song: Oh Spacious Skies
Invocation: Garlan  Haskins
Song Leader:    Westin Green                                   Song: "Father's Old Grey Whiskers" 
Visiting Rotarians: None
Good Works: Steve Whitman - 4 Lebanon High School students were accepted into RYLA. All are eager to participate.
Rotary Minute: None
Raffle:  Mike Weins and still no Queen of Hearts
Norm Wakely's  Memorial is at Cardigan Mountain on June 4th. All Rotarians are invited to commemorate this longstanding Rotarian.
Phil Rentz and Jon Yacavone _ The Annual Pie Sale will be on July 2nd at the Senior Center. Last year the participation was so great that they ran out of pies . Last year there were 410 people attending.  The committee are now asking that each Rotarians make 3 HOMEMADE pies for this event or think about making a $45 donation. The pies can be dropped off at Jakes Market in Lebanon. Also, Phil will be handing out tickets for each member  to sell before the event.  Between Lebanon-Riverside and our club, more than $6,000 was raised  to benefit the Polio Plus Project and the Gates Foundation will make some matching contributions.      
Jane Mason - fined herself for her "spacing" her Club obligation.
Garland H's son, Christopher a member of the Hanover Rotary Club is working on the Z (sorry, didn't catch that) & Zelia Founation project.
Rick D. - celebrated their 37th wedding anniversary!   
Forrest Cole's mentioned that his new position as a limo driver is interfering with his sleep patterns.  
Future Activities: 
June 1 meeting will be at Marion carter Home, on Bank St across from the Library.  We will have a brown bag lunch for purchase.
Change Over dinner will be on Friday June 29, at a location TBD.
Speaker:  Linda Copp, Ballet 101
Ballet began with King Louis XIV in the 1400's in Italy, but the ballet movement got a great boost in the 1700's in France. The Czars of Russia embraced ballet.
Linda demonstrated the basic gear of the ballet dancer and the most important is the ballet shoes.   She also mentioned that  with the 5th position, the dancer can then go anywhere. She recommended that anyone interested with more information with the history of ballet to read "Apollos's Angels, the History of Ballet". 
Submitted by : JoAnn Lemieux