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The Spoke
Newsletter of the Rotary Club of Lebanon, New Hampshire

June 1, 2017

Meeting called to order by Kevin Gould

Opening song:   R-O-T-A-R-Y

Patriotic Song:   Oh Beautiful

Invocation:  Bruce Pacht

Ticket draw:       Winning number was Kevin Gould – drew the 2 of hearts, pot keeps growing!

Song leader:       Jennifer Grant

Good works:      Jamie Whyte

No Rotary minute or brags or fines.

Announcements:             June 4, 2017 memorial service for Norman Wakely at the chapel at Cardigan Mountain School.  

Angela Nelson was inducted to membership of the Rotary Club of Lebanon. 

Don MacMeekin and Bill Babineau presented the monthly fee/dues to the club.  Starting in July the monthly fee will be $60.00, this will include your meals at Harvest Hill and possibly cover change over, and meals that we cannot have at Harvest Hill, such as meetings we have had this year at Salt Hill.  It will also include the dues you pay to the club.  By paying this way the cash flow works better for the club and is $ 52.00 a year less expensive for members.  Motion made by Steve Christy and second by John Yacavone, passed unanimously by the members present. 

Bill will send out invoices for $ 720.00, members can pay monthly or several months or all at once. Forms of payment can be a check or credit card, the credit card will be set up on our website through Clubrunner.

Rob Taylor spoke about the 4th of July pie fundraiser for Polio Plus.  Each member gets 5 tickets that they need to sell at for $8.00 each, if you do sell them then you write a check for $ 40.00 to pay for them.  If you were not at the meeting and did not get your tickets contact Bruce Pacht to get them.   The poster is on our Facebook page as well, like and share.  There are paper posters that can be used at your place business.

Paul Boucher: gave a brief history to the Marion Carter house.  He, Richard Mullaly and Jim Howard are the trustees of the Marion Carter trustee.  Very historical property in Lebanon.

Suellen lead us in the Four Way Test to end the meeting.


Submitted by Kevin Gould