Posted by Valerie Armstrong
The Spoke
Newsletter of the Rotary Club of Lebanon, New Hampshire
Date: 06/08/2017
Called to order by: President Kevin
Opening Song: R-O-T-A-R-Y
Patriotic Song: America the Beautiful         
Invocation: Jennifer
Song Leader: Valerie             Song:  Carolina in the Morning
Good Works: Jon Yacavone – 1984, david’s house was founded in a backstreet in Hanover. Lots of Rotary projects done and appreciated over the years. Specifically remembered, our club went to hanover club and collectively put a fence up around David’s house. Davids house has seen 114,000 people over the years.
Rotary Minute: Steve Christie – In June issue of Rotarian, sidebar of 2017 Rotary convention. June 10th-14th.This is historic convention… The 1917 convention was held in Atlanta, arch clump in a Baptist Tabernacle. Now it will be held near the original location in a convention center. Return to Atlanta is to mark Centennial birthday.
Visiting Rotarians: None
Guests: None
Raffle: Kevin Gould won, but did not draw the queen
Announcements: Changeover Dinner at the Hotel Coolidge, June 30th, Friday.
Don: went to Rotary district conference and is looking for sponsors for 8 children of Tanzania.
Phil handed out tickets for the Pie Buffet, to be held at the Senior Center on July 4th. All Rotarians are encouraged to make 3 HOME made pies for this event.
Brags: Steve Usle, reported good and bad news… 4 club members represented at Eastman Golf outing and came in last out of 20 teams.. the good news is there was a prize for coming in last!
Rick Wallace: Valley News thanked Rotary for entering the golf contest because that meant THEY didn’t come in last!
Jamie: Visited son in Washington enjoying monument, slowly selling puppies, one will go to Maine as search and rescue
Jennifer: put in a $1 to follow up on Jon’s Yacavone's good works report for David’s House. When Jennifer’s daughter had an accident 3 years ago in Feb, she was released during a storm and David’s house put them up for the night so that they didn’t have to drive in the bad weather.
Will: flew Washington to see son and also visited national parks in PA.
JoAnn: Happy Dollar: 40th HS reunion… She is stunned she is still alive!
Thanks extended to Bakers Crossing clean up helpers. – Steve Usle
Forest: Feeling silly at breakfast table and fiddling with pills… Broke into made up song including his medication name… “Returned happy from fishing trip to Maine.
Speaker:  Will introduced speaker : Fran Hatchett, lifelong resident of Lebanon… President of Lebanon Historical Society and a member of the sons of civil war auxiliary.  The City of Lebanon, NH has a number of Civil War veterans buried in its cemeteries, whose graves have nothing that recognizes their Civil War Service. . Government would not pay for military recognition so they started a fund for it and solicited local businesses. We have Lebanon Vets buried all over the country with no marker.
Fran introduced a program in 2013 called "Adopt a Civil War Veteran". There were 100, and now there are 33 left and the cost is approximately $300-$325 to adopt a stone. Ricker Funeral Home provides the stones at cost and places them in the cemetery as their donation toward the adoption program. Most of the young men in the town went to war at this time.
Submitted by: Valerie Armstrong