Jed Merrow is an environmental scientist and project manager with the engineering firm McFarlend Johnson.  He specializes in wetlands, water resources and wildlife. He spends most of his time on transportation projects and has expertise in the interface between wildlife and transportation systems.  Jed has a particular interest in rattlesnakes and softshell turtles and getting them, as well as other animals, across roadways.

Jed pointed out that rattlesnakes are endangered in N.H. with only two known ”family” groups. Rattlesnakes can often wander up to four miles from their dens making them vulnerable as they cross roadways.

Jed is interested in all species of softshell turtles.  Although softshell turtles spend most of their time in water to avoid predators,  to lay eggs they must leave the water making them susceptible to traffic. Despite numerous programs to protect all animals significant numbers are killed yearly by vehicles.

Jed has worked on a number of local projects including the Lebanon Airport runway extension, the Sykes Avenue intersection and the I 89 Bridge over the Connecticut river.  He pointed out the difficulty of obtaining permits for such projects due to the number of agencies involved.