Amazing how something so small can be so disruptive.

We are meeting by Zoom
First and Second, Thursdays at 12 Noon and the third and forth, Thursdays, at 5:25 PM
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Our Assistant Governor John Hockreiter welcomed our two contestants for Round 2 of the Speech Contest.
Kayla Fleming represented the Rotary Club of Morrisville Vermont.  She is as student at Green Mountain Tech.  She is interested in pursuing a career in nursing.  She is already licensed as a certified nursing assistant.  She is one of 9 children.
Jintao Yue represented the Rotary Club of Lebanon. He is a junior at Kimball Union Academy. Jintao’s from Tianjin, China, and he has great passions in acting, singing, video-production, and public speaking.  He enjoys studying science too.
Kayla was first to speak.  Here are a few quotes from her talk:
For as long as I can remember I have wanted to help people; especially the people I have grown so fond of in our little community. I didn’t care how I helped them, whether it was carrying their groceries to their car, putting a bandaid on a paper cut, or just being there for someone who was having a hard time. The older I became, the more I wanted to help others and the more I became interested in medical jobs. Over the past few years I’ve come to realize that I want to help people all the time, and what better way to help someone than to be a caregiver for them? As I explored the medical world of caregivers more, I began to realize just how much work goes into caring for people. It would be impossible for one person to help all of these people that need care. Teamwork is so important when it comes to providing care for the community
The best leaders don't set out to be a leader, they don't set out to be heroes-- they set out to fix problems and make a difference. If I can inspire my classmates and other students to help others and serve the community, then I'll really feel like I'm making a difference. It's not about the roles you play, it's all about the outcome and the final goal.
Next to speak was Jintao.  Again, the following is a part of the information he shared:
Toxic masculinity, a term coined by professor Shepherd Bliss in the 1980s, was first used to dissociate negative traits from positive aspects of masculinity. As the Good Men Project defines it, “Toxic Masculinity is a narrow and repressive description of manhood, designating manhood as defined by violence, sex, status, and aggression.” Have you ever witnessed a man making sexist jokes to women, or a man being unwilling to show his emotions because he believes it demonstrates weakness and femininity? If so, you just witnessed behaviors of toxic masculinity. In an effort to dive deeper and begin to help others understand what toxic masculinity is and why it might be a problem, today
He then used the Rotary Four-Way Test to examine the idea. Her ended his speech with the following:
So where do we go from here? Professor John Pryor, in an article in The Atlantic says, quote “Toxic masculinity can be diminished if the social setting has no normative pressure to do it. While trying to prevent the fixed judgments towards a gender, we should also realize that people with a mix of positive masculine and feminine psychological traits are more flexible, competent, and mentally healthy than their masculine or feminine counterparts.” Unquote. Imagine the potential for building goodwill and better friendships in a world where we embrace positive masculine traits. I am going to work towards this goal, and I hope that the Rotary Club can help everyone achieve this end.
 At the conclusion of the speeches, the judges who were members of the Hanover Rotary Club signed off to move to a new Zoom meeting to complete their judging of the contest.  
We learned the next day that  KUA's Jintao Yue won the regional prize in Rotary Speech Contest with his convincing analysis of toxic masculinity
Pictures from flooding the ice rinks in Lebanon.  Way to go team Rotary!
Our Volunteers: Bruce Bergeron, Tim Guaraldi, Ed Freidman...with Lebanon Recreation Director, Paul Coates.
Skating under the lights! Bruce Bergeron  reported that the two rinks are in use until 10 PM almost every night. We will be called upon to help flood the rink throughout the skating season.

On Wednesday December 30th our Club hosted a Community Service Event with the Upper Valley Senior Center. We had 7 volunteers assisting to hand out meals to seniors. This event took place outside and most meals are distributed directly to cars. There are a few walk-up meals given to folks from Rogers House.

Social distancing and masks were a priority, and easily accomplished.

The December 30th meal was a special day for the seniors because it’s Liver & Onion Dinner Day! According to the Senior Center it is one of their most popular meals!

  • Vaccines and the Van — Dan Affeldt
Four Drive-Thru Flu Vaccine Clinic are  now completed.  Dan Affeldt helped in Orford.  Ron Bedell, John Yacavone, Dan Affeldt, Angela Nelson and Marilyn Bedell helped at Plainfield. Paul Boucher, Tim Guaraldi, Bruce Bergeron, Cindy Jerome, Ron Bedell, Marilyn Bedell, Dan Affeldt, David Crandall and Bruce Pacht. Dan Affeldt, Bruce Pacht, Ernst Oidtmann (physician in charge), and Rolf Zuk from the Cohase Rotary Club volunteered in Bradford, VT.
Thanks to Plymouth, NH Rotarian and Owner of the Common Man Restaurants, Alex Ray we were be able to provide FREE washable face masks to folks in the Upper Valley.  We issued approximately 3,200 masks to households in the Upper Valley and beyond.  We had cars from beyond NH and Vt.  We gave two masks to each person in a household, one to wear and one to wash. We had fun working with the Rotary Club of Hanover and were appreciative of the support we got from from the Upper Valley Business Alliance, the Upper Valley Young Professionals, and our Interactors from Mascoma High School.  Check out the article in the Valley News on Sunday about Mask Up Upper Valley.  Click Here
Once again, folks coming for masks were very generous, and donated $2,061.62 which will be split between The Haven and Listen for food needs in the Upper Valley.  In addition we were able to donate some masks to the Hanover, Lebanon and Hartford police departments to be able to distribute to individuals not wearing masks when they should be as new rules have been put in place to require masks in our communities.
Photos by Bill Secord
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