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Amazing how something so small can be so disruptive.

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Rudy Fedrizzi Classification talk in 7 slides
Rudy’s paternal Italian grandparents emigrated in the 1920s from northern Italy, the Trentino, the Italian Dolomites; his mother’s family was Polish.  He’s named after his grandfather’s friend, as was his father.  About half Rudy’s family emigrated to the US and half stayed in Italy.
Arched Doorway — Entrance to Family Home
View of the Dolomites from the Family Home
Rudy was born in 1962 in Syracuse, NY; graduated from Liverpool High School in 1980.  Each class had 900+ kids, a total of 3,600 students in the school.
Attended St. Lawrence University, Canton, NY where he met his wife, Heidi.  Wen to medical school at Washington University in St. Louis – his first airplane ride was to that interview.  OB-GYN Residency at Vanderbilt, Nashville, TN, where he learned a lot about country music and met a group of incredibly wholesome people, genuine.  Once went to a picnic where Charlie Daniels got up on a picnic table and played The Devil Went Down to Georgia.
Married for 35 years to Dr. Heidi Rinehart, an OB-GYN at Cheshire Medical Center in Keene.  She is a long-distance hiker.  Three children:  Julianna (27), Peter (24), and Ellie (15) in Keene in high school.
Career as OB-GYN:  Joined Air Force after his residency; became chief of OB-GYN in Arizona for four years.  Went to flight school to become a “back seat F-16 flight surgeon” at Luke AFB.  Participated in mock dogfights when other fighter planes transited the US from west to east.
Rudy's Fighter Jet

Our Speaker on May 21, 2020 was Susan Mooney, MD, MS, FACOG, President and Chief Executive Officer at APD

Sue Mooney, MD, MS, FACOG has been the President and CEO of Alice Peck Day Memorial Hospital since April of 2013.  

She completed her undergraduate degree at Princeton University, her Medical Education at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, and her residency at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque.  

She joined the Medical Staff at APD in 2000 as a fulltime Obstetrician/Gynecologist and continued in that role until 2005 when she took a leave of absence to pursue fellowship training as a Veterans Administration Quality Scholar. During that two year period of time, she received a Master’s Degree in Healthcare Quality Improvement from the Center for Evaluative Clinical Sciences at Dartmouth (now The Dartmouth Institute).  Upon her return to APD, she became the Medical Director of Quality and ultimately the Chief Medical Officer before transitioning to her current role.

Dr. Mooney is passionate about improving the quality of care that APD provides to patients

Susan Mooney, MD, provided an update on COVID-19 impact on APD and APD’s clinics and lifecare business as well. Highlights of her talk:

Middle of March when concern rose re: influx of COVID patients in the Upper Valley.  Grafton County was the 2nd rural county in the nation that had a positive patient – a provider at DHMC who tested positive.  That woke providers at DHMC and APD all up to the potential impact.
  • To prepare: 
    • Create more capacity in hospitals [APD developed a plan to grow bed space from 25 to almost 50];
    • Assure there was a larger supply of Personal Protective equipment (PPE)
    • As of the middle of March, stop all emergent and non-emergency cases, anything that wasn’t immediately life-threatening.
  • Providers came up with a strategy to provide telehealth/outpatient care, doing some appointments with either telephone or video conferencing.
  • Systems were established to keep non-COVID patients and ourselves safe in the environment.  Just because COVID was in the environment didn’t mean the patients with other health crisis won’t need care.  There was a need to deal with patients having broken bones, COPD exacerbation, heart issues, other infections, etc., and protect these patients from getting COVID.
  • Community did a great job of flattening the curve – we didn’t see a big increase in patients.  Now, trying to LIVE with the virus until there’s a vaccine or cure.  Now in a phase of re-starting our deferred care, management of chronic problems, routine screenings, spine surgeries and other routine care.
  • We instituted new protocols for PPE – when you arrive today, you will be screened, have your temperature taken, be given a mask.  Sue is screened every day as is everyone coming to work at APD no matter into which building you enter.  Screening is done on every patient arriving at APD too.
  • Physical/social distancing – they have worked on non-clinical spaces to make sure there is 6 feet or distance between people in offices, break rooms, cafeteria, etc. Waiting rooms are spaced out to minimize risk of transmission of disease.
  • All staff have re-learned how to clean our environment more frequently, and carefully.
  • PPE challenge – DHMC had an army of people tracking it down – APD now has stockrooms full of gowns and masks, etc., necessary to keep staff and patients safe.
  • Multi-specialty clinic – They have systems in place to assure that anyone seeking care for any respiratory symptoms don’t come in contact with those individuals who don’t have these problems.  They work hard to keep these individuals out of the general population.  They are seen in a segregated environment and tested for COVID.  APD has a separate respiratory clinic where anyone with any sort of respiratory symptoms is seen.  We have a mobile testing unit on our campus to take specimens which are done at DHMC with about 24-hour turnaround.
  • Providers wear typical PPE but also eye protection.
Our Speaker on May 14, 2020 was Rotary Foundation Trustee Julia Phelps
Julia Phelps is our 2017-2020 Rotary Foundation Trustee.  She is from the Rotary Club of Amesbury, Massachusetts, USA 

Julia Phelps, who began her career in education in 1976, is the associate commissioner for the Center for Curriculum and Instruction for the state of Massachusetts. She served on the board of the Amesbury Educational Foundation Inc. and the John Ashford Link House Inc. 

A Rotarian since 1997, Phelps has served as director, vice chair of RI’s Audit Committee, Rotary Foundation alumni coordinator, and district governor. She is a member of the Operations Review Committee. 

Phelps is a Major Donor, Benefactor, multiple Paul Harris Fellow, and a member of the Bequest Society. She is a recipient of The Rotary Foundation's Citation for Meritorious Service.

Julia’s remarks: — What I've Learned as a Result of COVID-19
I’m just finishing 3 years as Foundation chair of my club, the Rotary Club of Amsbury, Massachusetts; and I serve on the board as the Club's Foundation Chair.
Rotary is nothing if we don’t have members in the clubs.  Clubs are our hearts, our hands, our kidneys . . .
This COVID time has caused us to change the way we do business.  Julia’s club never had done an electronic meeting before.  The only change they made before COVID was to add one evening a month until the end of March when, after two weeks of not meeting, they did Zoom.
2016 Council gave Rotary clubs lots of leeway to make changes.  COVID time has forced us to make those changes!
Three things have struck home for Julia:
  1. We have moved beyond our tag line “people of action.”  That tag seemed artificial to her but now she believes it is true.  Here we are meeting in a new format.  Trustees and Directors all are meeting virtually.  We dealt with budget, investments, etc.  Districts, too, are doing things virtually.  We did a 100-year celebration with three of our district’s clubs.  RI President Mark Maloney was a guest speaker.  Prior to this, folks would have spent many dollars; have gotten dressed up; traveled, etc.  Rotary is going to have a virtual Convention – we are adapting to our changing world and doing it quickly.  It’s easy to see the folks who are jumping in with both feet and those who are sort of waiting for next year.  The advantage of virtual is that we can do it any time of day we want, folks don’t have to travel, no cost, etc. 
March 7 at PETS was my last in-person interaction with Rotarians.  Now I’ve realized there are so many other ways we connect.  I spend a lot of time on the phone and Zoom.
Our Speaker
Bob Sherman,
Great Eastern Radio
Photo provided by Bob Sherman
Great Eastern Radio, based in West Lebanon, owns 16 stations spanning Central Vermont, New Hampshire’s Lakes Region, and the Upper Valley. Whether you’re looking for oldies, talk radio, sports, or the best hits of today, Great Eastern has it all. Q 106, KIXX 100.5, Kool 93.9/96.3, GXL 92.3, ESPN Radio 94.5 (1230AM-1400AM), and The River 106.7
Bob Sherman provided an overview of what radio looks like today nationally and locally.  He did this by reviewing a report titled, Audio Today 2019
He reflected that more people are “absorbing audio” instead our our traditional view of a radio, Audio is competitive.  We think of “audio bites” that people are sampling.
Listen Food Drive
Despite all the news about COVID-19, our food drive happened on 14 March.  15 members volunteered a total of 18 hours to collect 6 grocery carts full of non-perishable food and toiletry items + $400 in cash donations!.  The Sue Donnelly Pocket Pantry was restocked too.  Consider making your own donation of food and toiletries to Listen.


Some pictures from the Holiday Basket Project.
Our Interators helping to make sure each family has the gifts they have requested.
Thanks to Rotarian Joy Gobin for engaging the students in the project!!
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