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Harvest Hill (behind Alice Peck Day Hospital)
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Developer Byron Hathorne joined us to talk about all of the commercial activity going on in downtown White River Junction.  We discovered why we can’t easily find a parking space in downtown WRJ anymore!!
Our speake, Byron Hathorn. 
Byron grew up on a farm in Hartford, VT, and remembers well as a child going into downtown White River Junction in its “hay days” during the ‘50’s and early ‘60’s.  He became friends with David Briggs when they were both 4 years old.  He and David joke about the “overnight success” that down town WRJ has become which actually took 40 years. 
Byron recalled David’s parents, Fred and Bonnie Briggs, who owned a clothing store and sporting goods store in the down town.  He recounted David’s return to WRJ and his trials and travails after purchasing the Coolidge Hotel.  He also cited people such as Mike Davidson, who prefers to repurpose older existing buildings, and Bill Bittinger, who has done several important downtown projects. 
He noted the changes that have occurred within the downtown.  Among them the resurgence of restaurants, apartment buildings, the Center for Cartoon Studies, his two new (he purchased the Railroad Station in 1995) projects – a multi-purpose office building and a new assisted living facility adjacent to the new Northern Stage complex.
He reported that the town hopes to build a parking garage on land that it owns adjacent to the old KofC hall and Northern Stage. 
(Editor’s note:  he didn’t touch on the new court house, nor the two new bridges – one the connector between WRJ and West Lebanon, the DEW project on Bill Josler’s former property, and the new building that LISTEN developed, all of which greatly enhance that entry point to downtown.)
Dartmouth Football
Head Coach Buddy Teevens
Teevens gave us an overview of three topics:
  • Mentoring young athletes
  • Tackle Robots (MVP - Mobile Virtual Player) and ideas to reduce the risk of Chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE)
  • Role of women in coaching.
Teevens began his talk talking about his ties to the Upper Valley, from his days as a undergraduate at Dartmouth, to coming back to coach at Dartmouth.  This is is second stint at Coaching at Dartmouth.  He let us know that he has two children who now live in Lebanon too.  He is currently in his 15th season of Coaching at Dartmouth. He has overseen the expansion of football facilities at Dartmouth. He has 40 years of coaching experience.  See his bio on the Dartmouth Athletics web page for more details. Click Here for Teevens bio information
He began his talk discussing his efforts to mentor young football players from backgrounds diverse.  A component of the mentoring is teaming community members with players. He encouraged members to consider participating this activity.
The then talked about his drive to find ways to limit head and orthopedic injuries in football.  He a change in culture is needed. He reviewed changes he has made in Dartmouth training program. He started an innovative program to use robots as tackling dummies. Click here to see video of Robots and the article, During practice, the MVP robot can stand in for American football players and take the tackles

Why give to the Rotary Foundation Annual Fund?
Our District Rotary Foundation Grant for Addiction Recovery Coaches Approved!
What, specifically, will the grant money be used for?
This grant is education funding for recovery coaches to obtain certification. The money will be used to sponsor the educational program to train twelve qualified substance-abuse recovery coaches and to provide them with dedicated Chromebook notebook computers to record patient information and the related treatment-plan data to assure continuity of treatment and confidential case information. Cost per student: approximately $500. In addition we will use up to $500 to help coaches provide patients with support they may need, such as transportation, child care, clothing, and other related support services.
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Upcoming Rotary Programs
September 27, Maureen Thibodeau — Estate Sale Planner and Personal Home Organizer. Why not bring a friend to hear Maureen?
October 4, District Governor Larry Vars will visit our club.
October 11,  Robert Azzi — The program is entitled "Ask a Muslim Anything"  and it is by a photojournalist and writer Robert Azzi.  He discusses and welcomes questions on Islam the geopolitics of the Middle East. Should be an interesting program, please consider bringing a guest to this meeting.
October 25 Rotary Foundation Month starts 1 November.  At our meeting we will view The Final Inch.  
Nearly 50 years after a vaccine for Polio was developed in the United States, the Polio virus still finds refuge in some of the world’s most vulnerable places. Into India’s impoverished neighborhoods, The Final Inch follows the massive – and yet highly personalized - mission to eradicate Polio from the planet. One of history’s most feared diseases, now largely forgotten, Polio has become a disease of the world’s poor.
November 8,  Addiction Recovery District Grant Update Betsy Coble
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