Mayor Susan Fennel, graced the Rotary Club of Brampton South, with a visit on Monday April 22, 2013.
  • The Mayor of Brampton, Susan Fennel, visited the club as part of her program to explain the City’s programs to our service club and the community in general, entertaineing questions after her introductory speech. Aspects of the City’s programs the Mayor touched on included:


    • Standard Rapid Transit System

    • Central Hockey League – Brampton Beast.

    • Brampton Basket ball team – Brampton A’s

    • Economic development – brief on the Mayor’s recent visit to India, China and Philippines.

    • Southwest Quadrant

    • Peel Memorial Hospital.

    The evening was capped by Mayor Fennel's celebrating her birthday with members of the club.   Here she is seen enjoying her birthday cake.

Until next year, Mayor Fennel !!