The rotary Club of Brampton South, in the spring of 2013, formed a working relationship with a humanitarian organization called "The Arms of Jesus Children's Mission Inc", operating out of Pickering Ontario. This organization reaches out to communities in need, both in Guatemala and Haiti, providing basic necessities.  Among the services provided in Guatemala, is the repairing/rebuilding of old one-family dwellings. These dwelling have leaking roofs and dirt floors which turn to mud after a rainfall. A $2000.00 donation, repairs the dwelling, installs a concrete floor and provides basic furniture for one family.
  This Summer (2013), this Rotary club provided funds for the repairs of one home, and in October, was presented with the Home-Builder's award, by Dr. Sam Martin, the Executive Director, on behalf of the  "Garcia Valenzula" family.

The Rotary Club of Brampton South is continuing to work with this Mission.  Please visit the Photo Album to see images of the Family, home and the provided furniture.