Rotary Club of Plattsburgh to hold 36th Annual Fishing Classic June 3 – 5, 2022

PLATTSBURGH, NY __ The 36th annual Rotary Fishing Classic will be held on beautiful Lake Champlain Friday, June 3 through Noon on Sunday June 5, 2022. This is the oldest fishing event on the lake, the earliest each year and features all cash individual and team prizes. Cash prize amounts are determined by the pool of registration fees – 50 percent goes to the 1st through 5th place winners and the remaining funds raised support charitable community efforts of the Rotary Club of Plattsburgh. Online Registration is now open.
The individual adult registration fee will remain at $50.00, with prizes for fish in three categories: lake trout, walleye and landlocked salmon (including brown trout and steelhead). Prizes are based on weight as well as time weighed in.
The team competition remains at $50.00 for a team of two-to-four anglers. All team members still pay their individual registration fee. Each team will enter two fish from different categories.
Last year, the event was held with several new procedures that limited contact between individuals. These safety procedures will remain in place during the continuing COVID-19 pandemic. Further changes in 2021 include:
  1. New Online Registration Process. We've rolled out a new streamlined online registration system for the individual, youth, and team competitions. In the past, teams with more than two members had to register a maximum of two members, log out of our site, then log back in to register the other one or two members. Now, a team of four will be able to register together! Go to and click the link or go directly to You can also register by phone at 1-877-519-7942 (FISHLINE).
  2. A new “Registered Witness” category. All fish caught during the event must be witnessed by another person registered for the event (who understands and agrees to event rules). Last year, several anglers participated because they, understandably, were concerned about COVID-19 and wanted to spend three days fishing with someone from their household. An adult member of a registered angler’s household with the same residential address may register for $25.00 and serve as a witness-only.
  3. Weigh Station closing times. The Rotary club will strive to keep all five weigh stations open until 8:00 p.m., but this will depend on the number of Rotarians and friends of Rotary who volunteer. In the past, only Rotarians have staffed the weigh stations. Due to COVID, we are encouraging Rotarians to staff weigh stations with family members or other persons from their “pods,” expanding our pool of volunteers. Anglers participating in the Classic will need to keep posted on the closing times for the weigh stations as this is not a promise, but a goal.
  4. Online Updates. We expect to offer new options to anglers on leaderboard contenders and other important information during the tournament. Details are still being worked out, so look for the option when you register on-line for the tournament. We will continue to share standings via Facebook, the 1-800-FishLine and marine radio as in the past.
  5. Merchandise. T-shirts will once again be available for $10.00 per shirt (with a new logo and color) and we will be adding caps this year for$15.00! Shirts and caps ordered by May 21st will be mailed directly to registrants. They will also be available for purchase and pickup at weigh stations.
  6. 50/50 Raffle. We will sell 50/50 tickets for $5.00 at weigh stations all weekend, giving registered anglers and witnesses another chance to win.
  7. Announcement of awards. Two years ago, we eliminated our awards ceremony and the requirement that winners had to appear in person to collect their prizes. Once again, winners at this year’s Classic will be announced on Facebook live, a final FISHLINE recording, a marine radio announcement and press release.  Checks will be mailed to winners.

 For more information, contact Tournament Chair Peter Cadieux at 518-569-2188 or