Membership Committee

The committee recruits prospective members, educates club members on requirements for and obligations as well as privileges of Rotary membership to effectively identify qualified candidates, promotes a membership drive, coordinates with Public Relations for materials needed to recruit, considers applications for membership, brings names to the Board for approval, and encourages each new member to recruit a new member within the first 6 months of membership. The Committee compiles unfilled classifications to assure compliance with RI classification/ membership standards and diversity in the club. This committee organizes and conducts new member orientation at least four times a year; assigns a mentor to each new member; develops activities for new members to accomplish within first six (6) months of membership; personally contacts members (of any longevity) who miss meetings to determine if there is a problem and encourage attendance; establishes a member recognition program highlighting significant actions, achievements, anniversaries, etc; and, conducts exit interviews with all members who resign to determine the reasons for leaving.

FELLOWSHIP COMMITTEE The members of this committee devise and execute means of promoting fellowship; through rotating arrangements to ensure that members get to know each other; plan and conduct at least one trip or social event for members, partners, friends and family; organize activities with other Rotary clubs such as Golf Day, First Thursdays, Honor Guard and Rotarian of the Year:

GOLF DAY OUTING The committee organizes the annual golf outing for club members, which is usually held the second Wednesday of June.

Committee members organize the annual March outing and coordinate with other clubs in the local area.

Committee members select a local establishment for fellowship at 5pm.

Members of this committee represent the club at funeral services for club members.

ROTARIAN OF THE YEAR The club President names the recipient of the Rotarian of the Year Award at his/her final meeting.