BED RACE This committee solicits sponsorships, creates marketing materials and plans and executes this one day event for Battle of Plattsburgh/1814 Commemoration in early September.
FISHING CLASSIC This committee organizes a three day fishing classic for the first weekend in June on Lake Champlain.  Club members are needed to assist with marketing, website, social media, weigh stations, data entry etc.
FOOD SHELF This committee helps to encourage club members to donate funds (and sometimes goods) to three local food shelves.  We take turns collecting money at club meetings and sometimes assist with item collection.
HOLIDAY ORNAMENTS Each year the club chooses a photo of a local landmark to print on holiday ornaments.  These are sold locally and via our website.
RAFFLE This committee organizes the sale of 1,000 raffle tickets annually by club members for a chance to win one of the following prizes- $5,000 cash or vacation voucher, $3,000 cash or vacation voucher or a set of luggage. 
WING FEST This is a new event for the club which began in May 2023.  This committee plans a one day event to include a wing contest amongst local restaurants to determine who has the best in town, region etc.