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Paul Harris Fellow Award Recipients


2015 Cornelia Forrence, Stan Ransom, and Leigh and Stephens Mundy
2014 Peter Ensel, Kerry Haley and Victoria Marking
2013 Courtney Chandler, Dr. Erik Eaglefeather, Brian Hammond, Roderic and Dodie Giltz
2012 Alice Church, John Bernardi, Kit and Sally Booth
2011 Clarence J. Soper and Ellen Bouchard
2010 Steve Frederick, Bob Parks and Bob Smith
2009 Elle Berger, Barbara Straw and Keith Tyo
2008 Carmen Carpentier, Clarence Soper and Dr. Robert Golden
2007 Hannah Hanford, Robert Frenyea
2006 Alfred Sweenor and George Sherwin
2005 Gilbert Zahn and William Rowe III
2004 Marsha Cook
2003 Dr. Arthur DeGrandpre, James Kegan, Joan Lapier and Msgr. Morris Dwyer
2002 John Dee and Phil Green
2001 Brian Hammond, Kevin Killeen and Mark McCullough
2000 Dr. Robert Miller and Rosemary Souza-Botten
1999 Bonnie Leigh-Black
1998 Barbara Straw, Bryan LaPier and Lawrence Arcarese
1997 William E. Ramer and Gerald Dominy
1996 Michael Mannix
1995 Dr. Charles Paepke
1994 Dr. John Boule
1993 Nicholas Pope
1992 William J. McBride
1991 Alberto Jacome V and Timothy Ayers
1990 Jason Camright
1989 David Meath, John Colver and Michael Beaudoin
1988 Dr. Peter Gore and John McGaulley
1987 Dr. Martin Mihal and Martin Mannix, Jr.
1986 Clyde Lewis, Dr. Angelo LaMariana, James Fitzpatrick and Richard Cronin
1985 Charles Lewis, Courtland Wood, Donald Terry, Dr. Fouad El Taher, Garth Newton, John Coolidge,
Joseph McGrath, Myrtle Langford and William Woltjen
1984 Dr. George W. Angell, Dr. Karl Kramer and Wayne Byrne
1983 Christopher Booth and Rod Giltz
1982 Carl Warn and Dr. Nicholas Troisi
1981 Dr. A.G. Dittmar
1980 E. Glenn Giltz, George Bissell,  and William Burgess
1978 Andrew Simays, Sr. 
1974 Dr. Joseph Rudmin
1972 Dr. Edward Seigel