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ROTAGRAM July 16, 2019
  ROTAGREETINGS from Warren Rotary where, with VP Karen  in charge, we welcomed Dino Turcato, Director  of the Warren Parks and Recreation  Department   and his 'right hand man' Chrissie Barnes  who came to  present possible  fundraising ideas to our club  working in  coordination with events they are  planning. Coming up  Sept 20 they  are going to have   FOOD TRUCK RALLY  with over  10 fod trucks featuring  pizza, burgers, Mexican, Asian, desserts and more. On Saturday,  January 11, 2020,  there will be  COLD RUSH with  ice sculptures, food trucks, beer tent, ice skating, putt-putt golf, bonfire, and more.
  Dino is offering our club  then opportunity to  man the  alcohol  tents...with  a percentage income. Much discussion  culminated  in a motion by Jan to accept his offer ..seconded by Paul ..  carried within a  unanimous "Yes!" Dino also  increased  our percentage  from the carnival to 20% along with prayers for  great weather  next May!
    VP Karen presented Dino with our 'global' thank you!!
With VP Karen at the podium
Humor Moment  was share by  Merle! More fun for the FUN Club!
    Jan  reminded everyone that there is an invitation from DG Sparky in their  e-mail inboxes for Rotatory Night  at Comerica Park for the Tiger/Toronto  ball game on July 19. you can register and py online.
   Karen reported RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Awards )will be held in Ridgetown, Ontario, Canada (where it began) next April. A bus will be  provided for  Americans .. at a cost of $25.  More details to follow . Hopefully,  we can send  at least 3 students.
   Jan And Merle  are trying to set up a date for a 'Fireside Chat and Swim' for our new members, and any old ones  who want to come before  it is time to close the pool.. but they will always have the fireside!
    Reminder ---     TED BATES MEMORIAL
                          ANNUAL  GOLF CLASSIC
  will be Friday  September 27,  2019 at Maple Lane Golf Course (14 Mile at Maple Lane) $85.00 per golfer
    Rotary International  welcomes Mark Daniel Maloney of Decator, Alabama,  as our International President for 2019-2020
Sarge Mike W.  sold raffle tickets  in Sherry's absence  and the $32  winner was our guest Chrissie who picked her own ticket!!  Pays to be a guest at our club! (and buya raffle ticket or 3!)
            Then Sarge collected Fines (which will go to our charity fund since  the carnival did not  do well!) and  Happy Dollars, to the tune of  fines-$27  and PolioPlus $27, which included  a mystery auction item won Paul and given to Dino!  It was fake  'booze!'
 Don't forget.. then polio  auction items can be ANYTHING! And they add to the PolioPlus  money  and add FUN to the meetinh!  Be creative! !
  We will contribute to buying a Shelterbox voluntarily  thru the year
 Rotary has renewed a three-year partnership with this  disaster relief project partner, ShelterBox. For almost 20 years, this unique humanitarian alliance has supported families with a place to call home after disaster. ShelterBox provides emergency shelters and other essential items to support families who have lost their homes in disaster

 Latest information  on polio  as of July 10, 2019
Afghanistan -- 10  Pakistan --41  Word wide total  51
A poor security situation in both Pakistan and Afghanistan has hampered eradication efforts.
    Although the number of attacks on vaccinators has reduced in recent years three vaccinators were shot in April in Pakistan.

    A review of progress against the disease, commissioned by the eradication initiative last year, said “access limitations due to insecurity continue to represent the biggest threat to polio eradication and progress towards interrupting transmission has stalled".

     Also ,as the number of cases is declining it is harder to persuade people of the importance of vaccination. Parents are saying why do you keep coming to my house when there is no polio here and we have no water or sanitation and my children are falling sick with measles and other diseases. 
    The money needed to end the job is not just about chasing down the final cases but about keeping vaccination campaigns going in developing countries.  We need to continue not only surveillance in about 50 to 60 countries but also continue to vaccinate 500 million children against the disease.

    Keeping up vaccination is really important because if the virus was to get into a country like Yemen or the Central African Republic we would have outbreaks and a re-establishment of the disease.

    Joy and gratitude  with   the good news  that Jeffrey  Loch's latest  tests indicate the he is on the upward path toward full recover.  Still a way to go.. but looking better! Pray no more bumps on the road! Amen.
      Carol, Jeff's  wife, who continues as  caregiver-in-chief and is so grateful for all then prayers and gifts.     
     Jan and Merle,  feeling  more and more positive., but still asking for prayers.
     Then Confer and Zalewski families  on the  loss of  , Mary Confer  Zalewski,  who lost her battle with pancreatic cancer. Deepest sympathy and condolences.
    Bob and Jane..  as Jane struggles to regain  health.
    Everyone  facing  problems  they  haven't shared. God's Blessings.
    Then  children suffering  in detention!
    Those losing all in earthquakes, tornados and floods.


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