Sad Rotagreetings from Warren  Rotary, this will be the last Rotagram  from  Warren . The times we are living in are truly the times that try one's soul .
  The COVID shut downs.,the loss of jobs,  the cancellation of fundraising projects, disinformation, conspiracy theories,and the political upheaval in our country have wracked havoc on attendance, volunteering, donations, and the FUN and FELLOWSHIP  of our once vibrant and exciting meetings. The closing of DeCarlo's  Banquet Center and the loss of our super  great meeting place of over 20 years was a shock. 
   Our election in December  had only the treasurer and secretary  elected .. no one else .. and both have now resigned. So the club has no president, president-elect, vice president ,treasurer, secretary, Foundation chair, or bulletin editor 2021-2022. Several members  had  already terminated, or changed to 'honorary' and couldn't vote, hold office  and not pay dues. Others had  made plans to join another club. 
   So sadly after 69 years of service to the community, the nation, and the world, there will no longer be a Warren Rotary Club--- an era has ended.
   We will be celebrating our last year together at our President Night Party on June 29 starting at 5:00 P.M., dinner at the Simple Palate on Van Dyke  at 11 Mile Rd where had been meeting. 
  Karen's impact statement: "When  one door closes another opens!"
   We had 69% attendance today with 9 members present. Welcomed guests were 'Coach' PDG Don Riddell, AG Lee Halstead and Warren city treasurer Lorie Barnwell. In addition Brian had two guest sand Rob Selwa came with his Da
  After we voted to disband our clu, the Board  worked on dividing up the  remaking treasury monies  by  going over our previous  charity donations  for distribution. The dictionary  project was voted to end, and the request for matching funds from the Macomb Foundation withdrawn.
  Editor  Jan would like to express gratitude for all who have faithfully followed  this Rotagram for the last ten years.. or so.. Old English teachers with a forte  for creative writing do so with pleasure---even on those days, when she said "There the damn bulletin  is finally  DONE!" Thank you. too, for accepting  the typos as her eyesight has faded a bit  and have read ton the end whe she got especially long winded!laugh  She and PDG Merle will still be passionate about Rotary and will stick on their pins and visit other clubs! Also, wil once in a while, let you know they are still on the planet. See a bunch of you on Facebook  !
    Don't forget , we still MUST eradicate polio! We promised the children of the world!