Some of you are aware that we are conducting our meeting via Zoom. Also called a Virtual Meeting, where we assemble at our "home" location and join together via Zoom
We are also recording every meeting, and speaker, which we are gathering into a library. This  will allow members and the public to view at a later time/day.
This videos are stored on YouTube, in a Channel named Farmington Rotary Michigan (there are a lot of Farmingtons in the country!
You can view these videos by starting up YouTube and search for "Farmington Rotary Michigan" and selecting the channel when it shows up. You should then see the library of videos. Click on whichever one you want to view. This link should take you directly to the Channel on YouTube.
We will post more information as we collect content pertinent to this process.
Send us any questions regarding this new feature.
COMING SOON! We intend to create a list of the videos and links to connect you directly to each video.