Posted by Phil Abraham on Mar 29, 2019
Our morning meeting on the 4th was as usual at Scramblers at 7:00am.
Update on our meeting...…. Introduction to Zoon went well. We covered the fundamentals. Very powerful system and maybe best of all FREE.
Our meeting on the 4th was an introductory session to allow members and attendees to plan their attendance for our next meeting (18th) when we will be presenting a full training session on the remote communication product called Zoom. For the full session on the 18th we are hoping attendees will bring the equipment they intend to use to join our future Zoom sessions.
As our meetings are open to the public, this would be a great opportunity to learn how this free product can be used to facilitate meetings remotely. Local Rotarians will find it very productive and allow them to participate in our future meeting remotely, from wherever they happen to be.
If you plan to attend the session on the 18th, please bring along a device you would be likely to use to participate in future remote meetings. Other than simple phones, devices could include smart phones, tablets, laptops etc. If might be a little awkward to bring along a desktop computer, but we could handle that too.