Mar 04, 2021
David McGuire, Julie Dunbar, Cynthia Hill
State of the District 6380 - Areas of Focus - Polio Now and District Trainer

This virtual meeting will be an overview of two of the Rotary Areas of Focus in Rotary District 6380 given by teams for next Rotary year 2021-2022 whose year actually begins Jule 1 2021. This virtual meeting will contain overview and updates for the End Polio area of focus (given by David McGuire and Julie Dunbar) and District Trainer (given by Cynthia Hill).

This will a fantastic opportunity for District Membership to hear from the folk leading these areas of focus for 2021-2022. Get you questions ready by sending them onto Phil Abraham at Farmington Rotary.

This will also be interesting to Non-Rotarians who would like to learn something about the internal workings of Rotary in general and Rotary District 6380 in particular. Would like to receive questions from Non-Rotarians too.