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Sorry, no more ordering!! You can still donate though!
NOTE: last day to order was Sunday Nov 1st,
On this page you can purchase Purple Crocus Bulbs for $10 (includes 25 bulbs, a $1 EndPolioNow donation and $1 shipping) as well as make a donation to the EndPolioNow Campaign.
All donations to the EndPolioNow campaign are essentially tripled through the fabulous generosity for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and The Rotary Foundation. Simply a 1 for 2 donation. You give $1, this deal makes it $3. Fabulous.
You can participate in our local Rotary District (6380) and Farmington Rotary project to plant Purple Crocus this fall and watch them bloom in the spring in the local communities participating. You can do this by buying any number of packages of Purple Crocus bulbs at $10 per package. To purchase any quantity of packages of 25 Purple Crocus Bulbs by clicking on the Buy Now button below!
We will contact everyone who buys bulbs to see if you are willing to participate in the planting or wish to take care of that yourself.
You can still simply donate any amount to the EndPolioNow campaign by clicking on the Donate button below.