Posted by Kelly Larson on Mar 01, 2021
May 7 and 8 - Dedication on new addition at Salvation Army.
Guests -- Andy Bissonnette, potential new member, Judge from Wisconsin!
Celebrations -
Birthdays -- Kirsten's birthday is either March 7 or 9th, depending if you talk to her or her dad!
Wedding Anniversary --
Rotary Anniversary --
Update from Brook Bisonet
2020 Young Bucs Fundraiser
Car Raffle – Jeep Wrangler from Preferred Dodge Jeep. $100 tickets, sell 500 tickets = $50,000 and a $20,000 net. Raffle license has been approved by the state and tickets will be available in the near future. Brook will be emailing out the online link to buy tickets. Drawing date for the Wrangler is April 21, 2021.
260 tickets are already out the door! John Clickner sold 10 from Florida so anyone can do it!
Members are strongly encouraged to contact Brook to get tickets to sell. There is a Rotary generated video to share on Facebook. Ticket sales will also be promoted through the Rotary District.
The online link to purchase tickets is: