Rotary International has a wealth of exceptional individuals working daily to help better the lives of others. It’s no surprise that one of those superstars is Southfield Area Rotary Club member Dr. Jan Caldwell, Campus Vice President of University of Phoenix in Southfield. Dr. Cardwell has over thirty years’ experience in adult learning, higher education, corporate training, management and leadership. She is an innovative thought leader who has launched several innovative projects in Detroit for students, alumni, faculty, and staff that extend beyond the classroom. 




Among her many accomplishments is the development of a student support program designed to assist with the challenges of family and career that often get in the way of higher education. She also launched the first recognized Student Council across the University of Phoenix, which later evolved to become Student Community Ambassadors. There is no question that her experience will be an asset to both the Southfield Area Rotary Club and the community we serve. Hear her speak further on the future possibilities of The Southfield Area Rotary Club at our September 30th "Party with a Purpose" event.