Thursday, December 14, 2017 - David O’Brien, MD, MS

David O’Brien, MD, MS is the Senior Vice President and Chief Executive for MultiCare Health System East Region, in Spokane, Washington. Dr. O’Brien is leading the East Region as the senior executive responsible for developing the vision, growth strategies and operational performance at Deaconess Hospital and Valley Hospital and the Rockwood Clinic.
After practicing clinical medicine for 15 years in Northern California, Dr. O’Brien has held numerous positions including Chief Medical Officer, Chief Operating Officer, and Chief Executive Officer for Providence St. Joseph Health in both the Southern and Northern California regions.
Dr. O’Brien received his MD degree from the University of California Davis, completed a 3-year Family Medicine Residency, and his Master’s Degree in Administrative Medicine from the University of Wisconsin, Madison.
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Another successful Rotary Community Services campaign is almost in the books. 
If you haven't already contributed, please do so by CLICKING HERE!

RCS  is the annual campaign in which all Rotary 21 members agreed to participate.  This funds all our great work in the community and beyond and fuels the engine of one of the greatest service clubs in the world.   

A very sincere and gracious "thank you" to our contributors of record, when you see someone who has contributed already please be sure to give them a big, personal, Rotary thank you!

A final list will be published in late December.  Thank you all for your support! 

Dr. Deb Harper
Vice President
Spokane Rotary Club 21

Rotary Community Service Donors
as of 12/8/17

Jerry L. Altig
Jim Armstrong
Dan Austin
Jeffrey P. Bair
Brooke Baker Spink
Mark Barnes
Jeffrey A. Barton
Nathan S. Batson
Kate Benson
Kevin Berkompas
Scott Bleeker
Burke Blevins
Clark M. Brekke
Tana Brende
James F. Brinkman, M.D.
Lisa J. Brown, PhD
Joe Bruce
Nadine Burgess
Michael E. Butler
Bruce Butterworth
Dan J. Cadagan III
Antony Chiang
Pete Chichester
Darin Christensen
Eric Christiansen
Michael H. Church
Sara Clements-Sampson
Robin Corkery
Lawrence A. Coulson
Elizabeth A. Cowles
James P. Cowles
Margaret L. Crawford
Barbara Cruz
Mary Cullinan
Dan Curley
Alan Curryer
Chad Dashiell
Linda Davis
Richard H. Denenny
Gina Drummond
Douglas B. Durham
Hal Ebel
Todd Eklof
Brooks Ellingwood
Tim Engh
John P. Everett
Jason Farrow
Nancy Fike
Michael Forness
Terry Fossum
Paul Fruci
Max Gallotti
Marty Gonzales
Eric F. Green
Carlyle Griffin
Cindy Guthrie
Erica Hallock
Molly K. Harley
Deborah J. Harper
Mary Heitkemper
Cerina Henry
Manny Hochhmeier
Don V. Howell
Jay T. Hunt
Brian D. Hunter D.V.M.
Murray K. Huppin
Jerry Hynes
Justin Jaffe
Scott K. Jones
D. Patrick Jones
Barry K. Jones
Sabrina Jones-Schroeder
Lousie Joss
Peter A. Joss, DDS
James M. Kalamon
Irene Kay
Julie Kelsey
Nancy E. Ross Kennedy
Liesel Kittlitz
Jake Krummel
Richard W. Kuhling
Greg Larratt
George Lathrop
John W. Lee
Janelle Lee
John T. Little, III, DDS
Angelo Lombardo
Mark London
Pam Lund
Bruce A. McEachran
Scott McGann
Brad McQuarrie
John Meekhof
Karen Meier
Jason D. Miller
Jared B. Miller
Scott A. Millsap
Karen Mobley
Greg Montalbano
Dennis R. Murphy
Erik Nelson
Brian Newberry
Bailee Neyland
Benson A. Nielsen
Paula Nordgaarden
Stefanie Page
William Papesh
Patricia L. Partovi
Thomas M. Patrick
Leland L. Pennell
Martin Phillips
John Pilcher
David Powers
Joshua Quisenberry
Debra J. Rauen
Paul B. Rayburn, Jr.
Harley B. Reckord
Shelley Redinger
Jack R. Reeves
Marcus Riccelli
Patrick Roewe
Josiah Roloff
Steven Schneider
Brooks Sackett
Linda Safford
Ken Sanders
Sara Sexton-Johnson
Mark A. Sonderen
Matthew Sonderen
Lawrence A. Stanley
Thomas W. Stebbins
Gary Stokes
Frank H. Storey
Tom Stroeher
Marie Strohm
Beck Taylor
Tyrus N. Tenold
Gregory G. Tenold
Thomas Thoen
Jennifer Thompson
Charley Tirrell
Homer Todd
Gregory J. Tripp
David G. Van Hersett
Paul S. Viren
Pamela J. Watters
John L. Weekes
Kurt Weigel
Kyle J. Weir
Kevin Weir
Chud Wendle
Jennifer West
Brendan Wiechert
Aaron Williams
Gerald A. Winkler
Larry L. Wiser
Martin Wittkopp, Jr.
Kim D. Zentz


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Thursday, December 21, 2017 - Sen. Mark Schoesler: Washington State Senate, 9th Leg. District

Washington State Senate Republican Leader Mark Schoesler represents the 9th Legislative District, a large part of Eastern Washington. Come hear him address the state capital budget, changes in Olympia and upcoming legislative priorities.  Senator Schoesler has provided state-wide leadership for over 23 years in the area of agriculture and budget. 
Image result for Washington State Senate Republican Leader Mark Schoesler
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On Thursday, November 2nd, 2017 the Partners for Work Committee presented the Partners for Work Champion Award to Rotarian Julie Kelsey. 
Partners for Work (PFW) is a Rotary program that creates job opportunities for people with disabilities. Rotary 21 has provided opportunities and created job for more than 50 of our staff member and other who have come through the PFW program.
The PfW Champion Award was created to recognize an exceptional Rotarian who has helped changed a life for a PfW staff. This annual award is presented each year in the form of a trophy and a Paul Harris Fellow to the recipient.
This year’s PfW Champion, Julie Kelsey, was the champion to PfW staff Jamie Toone. During Jamie’s time as the Rotary Club 21’s PfW staff Julie learned that Jamie had a dream of owning her own esthetician business. Recognizing Jamie’s potential, Julie connected Jamie with Lush Hair and Body Bar, who had an available space for Jamie to start her career. Julie also provided seed money to help Jamie launch her new business. (Read more about Jamie's new business HERE)
Today, Jamie is a business owner: with real customers, who she engages with kindness and passion for service. Jamie’s motto is “To do your best every day, and to never, ever give up on your dreams”.
It is remarkable Rotarians like Julie Kelsey that have made Rotary 21’s PfW program the most successful PfW program in the world!
Congratulations to Julie Kelsey, we are honored to have you as a member of Spokane Rotary Club 21!
Julie Kelsey with award presenter Mike Church
Partners for Work Champion Award 2017-11-03 07:00:00Z 0
Thank you to those of you who have been paying the $2.00 non-eater room charge at our Thursday Lunches.
Over a year ago Rotary Club 21 leadership reached agreement with the Spokane Club on issues related to our Thursday meeting. One of the outcomes was a fixing the meal price until the fall of 2018 and keeping a relatively low price increase. The Spokane Club took on some additional AV responsibility and Club 21 took on payment responsibility.  It was agreed for all non-eaters will be charged $2.00 fee to help offset room set up, breakdown, cleaning, AV support, coffee, tea, and related services. This also helps keep meal prices as reasonable as possible.
We've done research on the price of our meals and while the price initially looks expensive, we found that in the market place it is very favorable.  We've also learned that many venues will not allow non-eaters without creating a higher price scale for those that do eat.
A trend in Rotary clubs is to charge all members for a yearly meal plan in an attempt to deal with trends in catering venues.
In Rotary 21 all Honorary members have their $2.00 fee covered by meeting sponsors. This is a thank you to our longest tenured members for 30+ years of significant contributions to our club.
We will soon be modifying our weekly survey to gather additional feedback on food and service related items. 
If you have questions or concerns about any of this please reach out to Club President John Pilcher at or Clark Brekke at 
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Ira Amstadter Rotarian of Year Award 2016-17
A man of many talents and contributions, Ira Amstadter, was honored this week with the Fred K. Jones Memorial Award as Rotarian of the Year for Club 21.
Ira has been a member of Spokane Rotary Club 21 since 2002 and his  contributions to Rotary and our community are legion, his kindness immense and his ability to make people smile is unsurpassed.
You may know Ira as the gorilla at Bloomsday, as the guy riding the Russian-made Ural motorcycle with a sidecar (sometimes in the gorilla suit during parades), as the host with his family of 7 Rotary international exchange students, as the person who brought the Foster KidFest idea to our club, as the guy in costume for the Renaissance Festival.
He was club president in 2011-12. Youth Exchange officer for many years. Youth Service Committee Chair. Chaperoned/drove the District’s Exchange students on a week-long Friendship Tour throughout the district a few years ago. Put on the fabulous opening reception at the District Conference (for District Governor Lloyd Gray) during Rotary’s Centennial Year in 2005.
Ira has provided the services of his and wife Susan’s employment and staffing business, Express Employment Professionals of Spokane, to recruiting 4 Executive Directors over the years – at no charge!
Ira has provided space in his office for Rotary committee meetings and for storage of Rotary stuff in the basement, and also provided a temporary Club 21 office there. On Bloomsday he opens the doors for Rotarians and their families to have a warm spot, bathrooms, coffee and a place to leave possessions during the race. He even made the side of his building at 331 W. Main into a giant painted outdoor sign promoting Rotary.
If you’re lucky, you have received a heavily accented birthday call from Ira on your birthday, or your or a family member has received one of his crisp $2 for a new baby, an important life event, an accomplishment, or for just being a great kid. Maybe you have received one of his year-numbered checks (last year $20.16) where you are asked to fill in the recipient for a worthy local charity and donate it as a meaningful holiday gift.
What you might not have known is that Ira worked in the Peace Corps in Zaire and then spent 4 years working for USAID in Rwanda.
Congratulations to Ira on this well-deserved honor. Ira, you are an amazing Rotarian! Thank you for your Service Above Self.

Fred K. Jones Award
2017 Fred K. Jones Award Presented to Ira Amstadter Jenna Carroll 2017-06-16 07:00:00Z 0 Fred K. Jones Award
Posted by Jenna Carroll on May 09, 2017
Here’s a great Mother’s Day or pampering idea. Rotary Club 21’s most recent Partners for Work (PfW) employee Jamie Toone is launching her own business as a licensed esthetician and is renting space at Lush Hair & Body Bar, 122 S. Monroe. The PfW program helps find permanent employment for differently enabled individuals.
Jamie is providing skin care services 3 days a week – Fri, Sat & Mon -- including Spa Facials, Micro Exfoliation, Microdermabrasion and Waxing. You can reach her at 509-979-0129 or Her gift certificates make a thoughtful gift.
Jamie is the first PfW employee to be self-employed. With the assistance of her “champion,” Rotary 21 member Julie Kelsey, Jamie tested the waters with three Rotary Spa Days in April. Thanks to people like Tammi Mason, co-owner of Lush Hair & Body Bar, and Rotarians Peggy McCartney and Julie, Jamie’s dream is coming true.
Tammi is providing Jamie the space and guidance to take the leap and be her own boss. Peggy received a facial from Jamie in April and wanted to support her entrepreneurial dream, so she contributed to Jamie’s startup costs.
Rotary Club 21 is so proud of Jamie and we want to share our excitement by spreading the word and helping Jamie experience continued success!
I can’t wait for you to experience Jamie’s pampering! Are you interested in a younger looking face? See Jamie after the meeting to schedule an appointment or get on her email list.
And don’t forget Mother’s Day is just around the corner…Jamie also has Gift Certificates to make your shopping a little easier today.
Two lucky people will win a facial from Jamie today. Please look for a Rotary sticker on the postcard at your place setting. Who are the winners? See us after the meeting to schedule your appointment.
Please join me in thanking Jamie for her time with us and wishing her great success in her new endeavor.
Partners for Work. Changing the Workforce. Changing Lives.
Jamie Toone
Partners for Work. Changing the Workforce. Changing Lives. Jenna Carroll 2017-05-09 07:00:00Z 0 Jamie Toone

What:  RYLA Camp!  Applications are on the website!  Please consider nominating a deserving young adult in your community who would benefit from eight days of leadership training, fun and new friendships.  This is the ONLY program in Rotary that allows you to send your own family! 


Dates:  July 2-9, 2016


WhereCastlegar, B.C. at Selkirk Community College


Cost:  $600, or $650 after May 31.  Each club is encouraged to budget for and send two campers!  U.S. Clubs please send to Gail Greager/Tri Cities, and CA Clubs please send to Stacey & Mike Cassidy/Grand Forks.  Addresses are on the application on the district website. 


Questions?  Contact these District RYLA Committee members:  Dave Douglas/Nelson, Kevin Sharrai/Rathdrum, Bob Griffith/Creston, Debi Dockins/Pullman or Gail, Stacey or Mike.



Debi Dockins, RYLA Camp Director




RYLA Camp July 2-9, 2016 Cheryl Prueher 2016-02-01 00:00:00Z 0

Please welcome Alene Alexander-Scrudder to Rotary Club of Spokane #21!

Alene is the Executive Director of Embrace Washington, a nonprofit organization.  She is married to Houston Scrudder, and they have two adult children.  Alene serves as a board member of Safety Net, and she lists golf as something she enjoys doing.
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Posted on Jan 17, 2016
Our 2015-2016 RCS Campaign, "Keeping Promises," is coming to a close on a very high note.
If you missed last week's meeting, you will be pleased to know that our campaign has raised over $117,000 and is still growing.  Add the amazing Spokane Rotary Foundation distributions, and the amount well exceeds $180,000.
Because of these historic financial results, we've been able to make additional funds available to our Spending Committees.  Please see your committee chairs for details.
All of this money is dedicated to those in need in the primary areas of international service:  youth, health care, disability support, education, and veterans.
This inspiring RCS campaign is just one of the many ways that Rotary 21 helps make our community and world a better place. 
Thank you all for joining in this effort.



John R. Pilcher

John R. Pilcher

Rotary 21 Vice President
Club 21 - Keeping Promises - RCS 2015



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Posted by Meagan Garrett on Jan 17, 2016
Date:  Thursday, January 28, 2016
Time:  5:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Place:  Bank of America Building (Lobby), 601 W. Riverside Ave., Spokane, WA
Rotary Club #21 has been selected as this year's highlighted nonprofit organization at the Bozzi Media Best B2B Firms of 2015.  It is a tradeshow and networking event held on a single night, celebrating the best Spokane Business has to offer.  Rotary #21 will have a booth at the event, where our Membership Development and Communications Committees will be able to engage with Spokane's best in business, to help them understand the importance of Rotary in our local community and encourage them to be a part of the amazing work Rotary does both locally and internationally.  We would love to see a HUGE Club #21 presence at the event, supporting our booth and engaging with the community.
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Dear Rotarians of District 5080,


Please find an application form by clicking the "Read More" link to be part of a Rotary Friendship Exchange to D1700 in France (Andorra, Languedoc-Roussillon, Midi-Pyrenees) 

The outbound portion of this exchange will take place APRIL 25 - MAY 8, 2016. 


My contact in this district has supplied the following initial information about this exchange:

His  proposals are;
Fly into and out of Toulouse airport

3 days - Perpignan "Doyen"

3 days - Toulouse

3 days - Cahors

3 days - Balma and Tournefille

 Please be aware that plans do change and this may not be an exact itinerary.


Applications for this exchange will open on July 3rd and close on July 17th

Successful applicants' Rotary Clubs should be willing to host the inbound team from France who will most likely be coming between August 22 - September 9, 2016.







Brenda Balahura
Chair, RFE Committee
District 5080
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Partners For Work - Current Staff Resume Suzy Greenwood 2015-05-12 00:00:00Z 0

We have the amazing opportunity to host Past Rotary International President Rick King in February.  This is a District-wide event you will not want to miss!  Rick is noted as an inspirational and entertaining speaker.  If you are in Spokane on February 26th, plan to join us for this exciting evening.

"An Evening with Rick King"
February 26th, 2015
No Host Reception....5:30 p.m.  Dinner Seating 6:15 p.m.
Place:  Red Lion Inn at the Park

Also entertaining us that evening will be Spokane Youth Jazz Orchestra 
Colors will be presented by the U.S. Navy Cadet Corp/U.S. Navy League Cadet Corp
Centerpieces designed by Spokane Falls Community College Floral Department and
Spokane Community College Culinary Arts Students


Paid Reservations are $50 per person

Please make your reservations by no later than February 16th. 

(Checks and Credit Cards accepted.  Please make your reservations now by contacting Suzy at the Rotary office, 534-8998, or  Checks should be made payable to Rotary Club of Spokane. 
Please send to: 7 South Howard, Suite 420, Spokane, WA  99201.)


Rotary Celebrates "An Evening With Rick King" 2014-12-02 00:00:00Z 0
If you wish to submit a grant application, please determine from which committee you will be applying for funds.  Once you have determined the correct committee:  Youth Services or Disability Services please click on the name of that committee and you will be taken to the appropriate page which gives you instructions, guidelines and further information to apply.
Please note our new mailing address, effective 08/25/16:  PO Box 1117, Spokane, WA 99210.
Submitting A Grant Application Cheryl Prueher 2013-09-05 00:00:00Z 0


Bringing freedom through mobility

Physically disabled people in Mexico often face discrimination and find it difficult to be productive members of society. Rotary members in Mexico and the United States have teamed up with Autonomy, Liberation Through Movement to provide vocational training, encouragement, and equipment. 

Click Here for this and many more Rotary stories




RI - Freedom Through Mobility Suzy Greenwood 0

It's time to Tweet 21! @spokanerotary21

Rotary Club of Spokane #21 has enhanced its communication with a Twitter account!  Follow us now @spokanerotary21 and join the conversation!  #tweet21  Patrick Roewe is our Twitter Master.


IT'S TIME TO TWEET 21! @spokanerotary21 Cheryl Prueher 0

For most of us, the disease of polio is a distant memory, and for the younger generations, a disease of the past.  But if you’ve ever met someone who has suffered from this crippling and often fatal infectious disease and heard their story, then you know of its devastation.  Many of us saw the effects of polio first hand when Rameesh Farris spoke to us last year.  He crawled across the room to the stage before telling us the story of how he contracted polio and was crippled for life.

In 1985, Rotary launched its PolioPlus program to eradicate polio.  Since then, we have helped reduce the number of annual cases from 350,000 to fewer than 250 and will stay on this commitment until every child is safe from the disease.  Rotary has contributed more than $1.2 billion, and countless volunteer hours to protect more than 2 billion children in 122 countries.

The world is now 99 percent polio free.  We are closer than ever.  But, the fight isn’t over yet!  For as little as 60 cents, a child can be protected against the virus for life.  If we don’t finish the fight, more than 10 million children under the age of five could be paralyzed by polio in the next 40 years.

Rotary Club 21 is helping to get the word out!  Members became stars on October 24th as they joined the World's Biggest Commercial …Rotary’s “We are this close” campaign.  President Church and Rotarian Greg Montalbano loaded you to the live site right after the meeting!  Visit the “End Polio Now” site at and it can be found by entering "Michael Church" or "Club 21 Spokane", or just look below!



Stars are Born as Club 21 Says "We are This Close" - Joins Worlds's Biggest Commercial Cheryl Prueher 0


Front Row, Left to Right: Steve Schneider, Mike Church, Linda Davis, Rick O'Connor, Greg Montalbano, Joe Bruce  Back Row, Left to Right:  Greg Larratt, Jason Farrow, Darin Christensen, KC Constable.  Team 21 rocks!

Team 21 Supports HUB Sports! Cheryl Prueher 0

"LIKE US!" - If you are on Facebook, don't forget to like the pages for Spokane Rotary Club 21 and Spokane Area Rotary.  Click Here for the Club 21 Facebook page.  Many thanks to Greg Montalbano for creating our Facebook page!  Bailee Neyland of the Communications / Public Relations Committee is our new Facebook expert and will be maintaining our page.


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Rotary 21 assists Spokane Rotaract with Centennial Trail cleanup! Suzy Greenwood 0

We are pleased to announce that the Peace Corps and Rotary International have signed a letter of collaboration to promote our shared missions of service and sustainable community development. Founded in 1905, Rotary brings together a global network of volunteer leaders dedicated to tackling the world’s most pressing humanitarian challenges. Their work improves lives at both the local and international levels, from helping families in need in their own communities to working toward a polio-free world. Rotary also builds peace and international understanding through education, humanitarian service, and by connecting young leaders.

Much like Peace Corps Volunteers, Rotarians are attuned to their communities’ needs. Our organizations operate not only in many of the same countries, but also in many of the same communities. The Peace Corps and Rotary families often overlap. There are many Returned Peace Corps Volunteers in the Rotarian community and, likewise, many Rotarians become Peace Corps Volunteers. 

Under this new strategic partnership, our organizations will explore collaboration initially in three countries: Philippines, Thailand, and Togo. Among various activities, Peace Corps posts can encourage Volunteers to collaborate with local Rotary clubs, while Rotary clubs can work with Peace Corps posts to provide small grants to Volunteers and their communities through the Peace Corps Partnership Program. By exploring new ways of working together, our organizations hope to realize administrative efficiencies and achieve greater development impact.

Our partnership provides not only for collaboration overseas, but also in the United States. The Peace Corps looks forward to working with Rotary to recruit Americans into Peace Corps service, and to advance the Third Goal of sharing the world with our fellow Americans. Together, we can inspire volunteerism and service across the country and around the world.  

To learn more, please read the letter of collaboration or visit the Rotary International partnership page on the Intranet. We encourage posts outside of the three focus countries that are interested in working with Rotary to contact Dilana Martinez in the Office of Strategic Partnerships at

Peace Corps and Rotary International Sign Letter of Collaboration Suzy Greenwood 0
Posted by Suzy Greenwood

PFW Success!!!

Our own Partner's for Work staff member, Robert Campbell, has landed a job!  He started working at Prohibition Gastropub on N. Monroe on Saturday, November 14th.  Robert's last meeting with us will be Thursday, November 19th.  Please take an opportunity to congratulate Robert on this achievement and thank him for his service to our club.

Congratulations, Robert!



Partners For Work - Success Story Suzy Greenwood 0
Posted by Suzy Greenwood

Spend a little time with our Youth Exchange students, Leonardo and Eros, and you will soon see we live in a very small world!  Invite them to join you for dinner, or on a family outing.  You will enjoy getting to know these delightful young men!  Give Ira a call to set up the plans.   Remember-   it is a shared club effort to expand their experiences and expose them to American culture.  Invite them today!   Ira @ 701 0226.


Youth Exchange Changes Lives Suzy Greenwood 0
Posted by Suzy Greenwood

Click here to get your RCS Contribution Card and REACH FOR THE STARS!  Return the completed form to Suzy at the Rotary office, 7 S. Howard, Ste. 420, Spokane, WA  99201.  If you prefer to scan and email the form, send to  Thank you for sharing your heart and your treasure with those in need.  Need is prove that kindness and compassion are as well.  The stars are twinkling a little brighter today  because of you!


Reach for the Stars with RCS 2014-2015 Suzy Greenwood 0
Posted by Joe Franklin Bruce

Transitions Gate was founded in 2007 by Nancy Mortlock, a Spokane Nurse and recipient of Rotary Club 21's International Service Committee funds. In this video you will hear in Nancy's own words about the work of Transitions Gate and how Rotary Club 21 RCS dollars made a difference. Click on the YouTube link below to view the video.

Reach for the Stars and please give to the 2014 RCS campaign. Through your contributions, Rotary Club 21 touches lives in our community and around the world.

Thank you.

Joe Bruce

Rotary Club 21 Vice President

Rotary Club 21 Helps Make A Difference In Romania Joe Franklin Bruce 0
Posted by Joe Franklin Bruce

October 23, 2014, starting at 1:44 PM, is a partial eclipse of the Sun. Please do not look directly at the Sun during an eclipse.

October 23, 2014 we will eclipse our previous weeks totals for the 2014 RCS campaign. The current total is over $47,000.

Eclipse  gum was distributed at the weekly Rotary Club 21 lunch to celebrate the partial solar eclipse. It is also a great reminder to help us eclipse our $100,000 RCS goal. 

If we surpass $100,000 dollars this year Kathy and I will host a Rotary Club 21 star party and children are invited. 

This event would take place at our home next summer when weather permits. 

Thank you so much to everyone that has already pledged and contributed to RCS.

Let's eclipse $100,000.



This is a photo of the eclipse taken from north of Reardan, October 23, 2014, 3:42 PM.

Joe Bruce

Rotary Club  21 Vice President

Let's Eclipse Our Previous RCS Totals Joe Franklin Bruce 0
Leonardo and Eros Enjoy First Thanksgiving with Club 21 Suzy Greenwood 0
Posted by Joe Franklin Bruce

Rotary Club 21 RCS dollars are at work again at the Guilds' School. Read about Club 21 helping with an iPad for a special little girl, Kathryn, in The November Guilds' School Vision newsletter.

You can go to pages 4 and 5 to read the story.

Please get your RCS pledge cards into the Rotary office so we can continue reaching out to these stars like little Kathryn.

Thank you.

Joe Bruce

Rotary Club 21 RCS Chairperson


Rotary Club 21 RCS Dollars At Work, Again! Joe Franklin Bruce 0
Looking for Ambassadors for to Represent Rotary - High School Exchange Students Suzy Greenwood 0
Posted by Suzy Greenwood

Rotary Club of Spokane #21 had the distinct honor of hosting Washington Governor Jay Inslee at the June 5th, 2014 meeting.  Following tradition, the incumbent Governor addressed a full room of Rotarians and guests.  Trudi Inslee accompanied the Governor for this event.


President Mike Church and Governor Jay Inslee


Gov. Inslee presents award to our own Bill Chaves!


Gov. Inslee thinks things over as he speaks with Mac Kosinski and guest.


Also joining us for the day, one of our own and one of our favorites...Representative Kevin Parker.

Governor Inslee Visits Club 21 Suzy Greenwood 0
Rotary District Spring Tour 2013 - Amstadters with our Exchange Students Suzy Greenwood 0
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