Thank you to those of you who have been paying the $2.00 non-eater room charge at our Thursday Lunches.
Over a year ago Rotary Club 21 leadership reached agreement with the Spokane Club on issues related to our Thursday meeting. One of the outcomes was a fixing the meal price until the fall of 2018 and keeping a relatively low price increase. The Spokane Club took on some additional AV responsibility and Club 21 took on payment responsibility.  It was agreed for all non-eaters will be charged $2.00 fee to help offset room set up, breakdown, cleaning, AV support, coffee, tea, and related services. This also helps keep meal prices as reasonable as possible.
We've done research on the price of our meals and while the price initially looks expensive, we found that in the market place it is very favorable.  We've also learned that many venues will not allow non-eaters without creating a higher price scale for those that do eat.
A trend in Rotary clubs is to charge all members for a yearly meal plan in an attempt to deal with trends in catering venues.
In Rotary 21 all Honorary members have their $2.00 fee covered by meeting sponsors. This is a thank you to our longest tenured members for 30+ years of significant contributions to our club.
We will soon be modifying our weekly survey to gather additional feedback on food and service related items. 
If you have questions or concerns about any of this please reach out to Club President John Pilcher at or Clark Brekke at