Vocational Services

Vocational Service

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This committee reviews applications from counselors at various local high schools to recognize individuals who have overcome obstacles in their lives and have chosen to pursue their education.  These youth are recognized at a Rotary luncheon and are provided with a certificate of appreciation and an check.  They are then eligible at the end of the school year to apply for a scholarship for continuing education. 

This committee also oversees the annual Katy Reeves Performing Arts Scholarship program.  A $1,000 scholarship is awarded to a student continuing in their pursuit of a performing arts education.

Committee Chairs: Tim Henkel and Shelley Redinger, Co-Chairs

Meeting time: Meets at Direction of Chair

Committee Members:
Debra J. Rauen
Michael M. Burns
Bert W. Mills
Clarke M. Brekke
Amy Higgins
Joe Franklin Bruce
David P. Troyke
Kevin Berkompas
Harley B. Reckord
Nathan S. Batson
Laurie Hutchison Dolan
Norman O. Jangaard
Terren Roloff
Jared Miller
Kurt Weigel
Julie Kelsey
Brian Behler