International Service

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This committee is responsible for the arrangements for our yearlong inbound high school exchange student.  This includes arranging for host families, school transfer, district events and basic mentoring.  There is a Japan/Germany three-week exchange available to high school students that are family members of Rotarians in which the committee makes all the arrangements to our sister-cities.  They are also responsible for any outbound high school exchange student going to another country for a year.  There are other various International exchanges and projects that vary each year that this committee oversees and provides financial assistance to.   

Committee Chair: D. Patrick Jones & Karen Mobley, Co-Chairs

Meeting time: Third Tuesday of each month, noon.  Meets at Hill's Restaurant

Committee Members:
Don V. Howell
Brendan Wiechert
Lawrence Coulson
Joanna B. "Jahn" Schmitz
Brian D. Hunter D.V.M.
Steven S. Ehlert
Pamela J. "PJ" Watters
Martin Phillips
David G. Van Hersett
Massimo Gallotti
Lloyd C. Gray
Douglas B. Durham
Kathy Kramer
Benson A. Nielsen
Mary Ritter Heitkemper
Kevin Weir
Barry Merrell
Jason Miller
Jared Miller
Jim Shaw
Lisa Brown
David P. Troyke
R. Joe Alleman
Kevin Berkompas
Michael H. Church
Mary Verner
Manuel "Manny" Hochheimer
Cynthia MacGeagh
Shelly Wynecoop
Gavin La Rowe
Darren Digiacinto - Rotary South