Rotary Club 21 Civic Affairs Committee evaluates requests from within our community for projects that provide goods and services through worthwhile organizations that benefit the community as a whole.  The requests range from bricks and mortar type projects to educational and service oriented projects. 

To download an Civic Affairs Committee Grant Application, Click Here.  


Civic Affairs Funding Guidelines

The guiding principles of Rotary International include four avenues of service which are: (1) club activities, (2) serving others through a member’s vocation, (3) helping improve life in the community where we live, and (4) humanitarian work around the globe with an emphasis on understanding and peace.
At Rotary Spokane #21 we answer the call to improve our community. The Civic Affairs Committee (CAC) – aspires to support community needs with projects benefiting any age or group in the following two broad categories:
•  Basic social needs such as housing, food, and other social or welfare concerns (60-70% in recent years); and
•  Enrichment activities such as early learning, after-school, graduation incentive, healthy lifestyle choices and arts, music, or cultural events (30-40% in recent years).
Grants made by Rotary 21 come from Rotary Community Services, Inc., which is a Spokane-based 501(c)(3) non-profit fund supported by annual contributions of individual club members and a modest endowment. The fiscal year in which funding is disbursed runs from July 1st – June 30th of any given year.
1. The applicant is required to be a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. (An applicant may satisfy this requirement by association with a qualified entity.)
2. Grants are not to be used for general operating expenses but instead, for a one-time specific budget item such as a capital expenditure, equipment, activity or event.
3. It is desirable that Club 21 funding be used to leverage additional funding, including (but not limited to) in-kind contributions, matching grants, partial funding, or last-in grants.
4. The Committee prefers to use our limited resources to support the greatest number of worthy projects and, therefore, is inclined to support smaller organizations with cash grants in the amount of
$1,000-$3,000 range.
5. Applicants may not have received grant funding from the CAC during the preceding three fiscal years. Please do not apply if your organization has received a grant from the Civic Affairs Committee within the last three years.

1. Complete the application document provided. Please do not delete the questions. We are not looking for long answers or extreme details about your annual budget. Email it to
2. You will be contacted by a committee member who will make an initial assessment. He or she will pursue the following process:
a. Conduct a site visit.
b. Discuss in detail your activities and determine if the application meets our guidelines.
c. Invite you to make a presentation not to exceed 10 minutes in length (including Q & A) at the assigned CAC meeting.
d. The CAC member will also report on the site visit to the committee in a closed deliberation session.
e. The committee will make available Rotary logos for print or on-site recognition. We also have bumper stickers.
3. Presentation of up to three grant requests will occur at monthly CAC meetings followed by closed deliberations. (Please respect our time constraints when making your presentation.)
4. Submit your application early-on each month so you may be assigned to the committee meeting the third week of the month. If selected for a presentation, please allow 30 days for a response. Grants will be awarded from the current pool of grant applicants which may include carry-overs from a previous meeting. Time-sensitive projects will be addressed on an as-needed basis.
5. An equal amount of funds will not necessarily be awarded each grant cycle. Grants of $1,000 or more must be recommended by the CAC and approved by the Rotary Club 21 Board of Directors prior to funds disbursement.
6. All grants will be disbursed within Spokane Rotary 21’s fiscal year and it is our request that all projects be concluded within the time frame submitted to the committee.
7. Should funding be awarded, payments for project, equipment or event funding are to be made directly to vendors or suppliers (as confirmed by an invoice).
8. A one-page letter report is required within one month of project completion. Please verify project completion and outcomes in keeping with the
material provided in your original application. This report will also provide an opportunity for Rotary Spokane to celebrate your success, and generate publicity for your organization and Rotary. Please e-mail your report to:
Thank you.