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Committees in Review

Each week we'd like to give you an overview of one or two of our committees and share with you their activities and accomplishments. We begin with...

Youth Service Committee

This committee has one of the most inspiring and yet most difficult jobs of any of the Rotary money committees. The requests from worthy organizations far outweigh the available funds, but through research, creative brainstorming and thought provoking discussion, this group allocates the available dollars allowing for the best interests of the many parties involved. This year for example:

  • Vanessa Behan Crisis Nursery was able to construct a new toddler area complete with partitions and shelves thanks to the $2,000 from caring Rotarians given through the Youth Service Committee.
  • Thousands of students throughout the state participate in Washington Business Week where they are inspired to become the leaders, team members and critical thinkers of tomorrow!
  • Kids Helping Kids through Spokane Valley Partners gave backpacks and necessary school supplies to children from low income families - 700 backpacks full of supplies were distributed through this program! Good education is a key to breaking the cycle of poverty -a $2,000 grant with an immense and ongoing return.
  • Sally's House, in the 10 years since its inception, has served over 1600 beautiful little children, giving them a safe refuge when they were torn from their abusive or neglectful homes. Some had been starved, some beaten, some tied and locked in closets, some drugged, some told daily they were worthless and would never amount to anything - so when law enforcement or CPS stepped in and removed them, taking them to the safety of Sally's House, it was more than a blessing, it was survival. The Sally's House team of specialists worked with body, mind and spirit, bringing these children to a place many had never known before, a real childhood! Youth Services provided $3,000 for new leather couches for the activities room where the kids, volunteers and professionals of Sally's House gather to watch a movie, play a game or just share time together.

And the list goes on...some programs support education, some the arts, some survival. But what they all have in common is the smile on the faces of the child who knows somebody cares!

(Monies shown here represent only a portion of the funds Youth Service gives, and a sample of the organizations to which those funds are provided. Look for a full report of the grant dollars allocated this year in your year-end newsletter.)