Meeting of 1/25/2018
Chris Henry rang “his” bell to bring us to order at 6:00.  President Jan invited Chris to ring the bell that he donated to the club.  The bell was acquired during a cruise that Chris and Patty were on last year and mounted to a beautiful plaque built by Rick Boyer.
Kenny Wilson delivered a short and sweet prayer for our inspirational moment.  Lynn Schwartz would have been pleased.
Guests –
  • David Rogers reluctantly introduced his guest Donna Davis (he said she has been introduced many times before, to which someone said she would be introduced until she becomes a member – hint, hint.)
  • Lisa Bloomer introduced her husband Mark Bloomer
  • Jerry Kezhaya introduced his wife Dr. Laura Shwaluk
  • Randy Wright then interrupted the meeting to tell everyone the correct way to introduce guests being sure to say their name last because we are all incapable of remembering the name unless it is the last thing we hear.
Visiting Rotarians –
President Jan introduced special guests from the Interact club of Plano Senior High and told them that as Rotarians they should introduce themselves, being mindful of Randy’s admonitions –
  • President Evan Hedroe, a Senior with plans to attend either Texas A&M or the University of Houston with a major in mechanical engineering.  Evan likes Interact because he enjoys giving back.
  • Director of Community Service Mira Banerji, a Senior with plans to attend the University of Virginia to study civil engineering.  Mira enjoys Interact because she likes being with other students that enjoy giving.
  • Secretary/Historian Hayley McCrossan, a Senior with plans to attend either Texas A&M or the University of Texas.  Holy enjoys Interact loves community service and being with other students that are doing it because they want to and not just for the hours.
  • Director of International Service, Belle Maucieri, daughter of Rick Maucieri.  Belle had to tolerate a lot of abuse because of her relationship to Rick but she acquitted herself admirably.  She enjoys Interact because she likes to meet new people.
President Jan asked Rick Boyer to tell about the recently completed service project which involved at least 143 man hours of volunteer labor.  Rick reported that over the MLK weekend, about ½ the members of the club completely remodeled the receiving room at the Plano Food Panty.  Pictures were published in last weeks bulletin.  Rick tried to downplay his role in the project but others in the room would not let him pointing out that probably ½ of the hours were his.  Well-deserved kudos to Rick.
President Jan inducted a new member but long time Rotarian, Jerry Kezhaya with a moving ceremony reminding Jerry that he was joining the “premier” Rotary club of Plano East.  Then as a special moment, President Jan presented Jerry with his Paul Harris +4 pin representing Jerry’s investment in The Rotary Foundation of more than $5,000.  Jan reminded us all the importance of giving to the foundation and how this money not only does great work around the world, it also comes back to us locally as in our District Foundation grant of approximately $3,800 this year.
President Jan announced a strategic planning session to be led by Rotarian George Ritcheske on April 21st.  Please mark your calendar and plan to attend.
President Jan presented some changes to the previously announced joint Plano Rotary club luncheon honoring retiring Congressman Sam Johnson. It will now be on Thursday, May 31st.  Cost and location TBD.
President Jan thanked Lisa Bloomer for agreeing to attend the upcoming RYLA meeting which will qualify our club for 2 spots in the camp next year.
President Jan made several announcements –
  • Invited everyone to consider going on the Cuba Trip this March 3-10.
  • Announced that she was doing Citizen of the Month on Friday, January 26, 2018 at 7:30 and invited participants.
  • Next weeks meeting will be a social at Urban Rio from 5:30 to 7:00
Jan tried to introduce the speaker but was interrupted by Randy demanding that as program chair, he was supposed to introduce.  Jan demurred. 
Randy started his introduction with the observation that in 1972 there was 1 CPA firm in Plano – Severns and Showalter. 
L.B. Showalter is a local CPA and Real Estate Guru.  He opened a CPA firm under that name of Severns and Showalter in 1972 when the only marketing you could do was word of mouth and your business card. 
He joined Rotary in April of 1972 and began serving as an officer in June of that year.  L.B. met a man named David Howard and they became Real Estate partners in 1978 developing their first residential community in Parker Texas and L.B. got out of Public Accounting in 1983.    Since that time they have developed several other communities in Castroville, Frisco, and Garland. 
In the early 80’s they took their Real Estate knowledge and entered into the commercial real estate business.  They built three commercial buildings and purchased several others which they still own and manage today.  They even ventured into the fast food industry and opened a Jack In The Box in Lubbock.   L.B. shared the ups and downs of the real estate business including borrowing money from a Sheik in Saudi Arabia and the concerns for his life if he wasn’t able to pay it back.  He has weathered the Real Estate market crashes and numerous bank failures and even told young whippersnapper at the bank that he had lost more money than the young man would ever make in his life! 
L.B. got back into public accounting in 1990 but continued his work in the Real Estate business.  He also did consulting work for a surety company for about 15 years.  In 1999 L.B.’s daughter Lisa Bloomer joined him in the CPA business.  In 2012 they purchased a local tax practice and expand their business and continue to work together today. 
L.B. was asked to share with our student guests a bit of advice that would help them as they start their lives after High School.  He told them honesty and keeping your word are very important in maintaining your integrity.  Ean Sullivan shared a story about L.B. as District Governor.  They had a vision that each club would perform a community needs assessment and present them for consideration for a grant to be awarded to the selected program.   The idea was that even if a club didn’t win the grant, the process of identifying a need would spur the Rotary clubs to find a way to fill the need.  In fact, there are numerous projects around the district that trace their origins to this process.  When L.B. wasn’t able to secure outside funding for the promised grant, he dug deep in his pockets and wrote a personal check for the entire grant.