Minutes of the August 23rd, 2018 Thursday Meeting
  1. Ken Roberts called meeting to order at 5:45
  2. Alan was the greeter.
  3. Sally Philipp gave the devotional.
  4. Gene Losey led the Pledge
  5. George Elwell served as Sgt at Arms and welcomed our guests, Oscar Baeza, Greg Schlackman (just returned from Colo), Elise Skelton and Nigel Ramirez our RYLA campers.
  6. LB Showalter (Treasurer) reported we have $4100 in the bank and $3000+ in raffle pot.  Admonished those who have not yet done so – to pay their dues.
  7. President’s Report – we are growing as a club and we need to fill the following positions:
    1. PR Director
    2. Foundation Director
    3. Youth Services Director
    4. Awards Manager (Ken implored Sally to take this on)
    5. Fundraiser Manager
  8. Jan Sullivan spoke about rewards from district – Randy Wright received the Ethics Award and several other Plano clubs received awards as well.  
  9. Amazon Smile donation – funds potential was discussed.  We can create an opportunity for a percentage (small) of Amazon dollars we spend would go to the club – or a larger portion (6%) to the RI.  Club members can decide which they wish to participate in – we will be notified when the club donation piece is up and running.
  10. Projects Manager:
    1. Rick Boyer – Plano Food Pantry – landscaping project to improve their drainage issues – on October 13 – volunteer sheet was passed around.  Need both bodies and equipment.
    2. Flag project – Gene – most of the project items are up and running.  Chris Henry said he would have Marketing stuff up on website, to ClubRunner and to Sally by next Wednesday.  Also links to video from last year.
  11. Ean/Alan working on club products (hats, banners, etc.)
  12. Lisa Bloomer gave a brief report on RYLA followed by individual reports from our two students – Nigel and Elise.  They talked about RYLA’s influence on them, their leadership skills, the enthusiasm and energy. They spoke about the positivity and Elise stated that all of the athletes were in Cabin 5 – but here cabin had awesome musical talent – which was demonstrated in the talent show.  Elise hope to pursue a career in architecture, and Nigel is enlisting in the Army and hopes to complete Pararescue Training.
  13. Ken Roberts and Rick mentioned the opportunity for a booth at the Plano Balloon Festival – September 21 and 23.
  14. Lori had the ticket for the drawing – but alas – didn’t find the Queen of Spades.
  15. Four way test
  16. Adjourn – 6:45 pm