Plano Flags of Honor 2018 Planning Under Way

By Gene Losey

Planning the 'Flags of Honor' project for 2018 is already under way. I have accepted team leadership responsi- bilities and look forward to an exciting and successful experience for everyone.


Last years' program was a stunning success and will be hard to top in many ways. The community, both public and private, were put on notice that Plano East Rotary Club is planting their stake (no pun intended) in the Plano landscape. Statements like:

".. what a moving experience"

“..a job very well done.."

"..are you doing this next year”

"..what can I do to support this project.."

and of course ".. where is 'whats his name flag'.."

were expressed by many Plano residences and public officials. A multitude of visitors were observed at 'Flags of Honor' throughout  the day and night.  Many with questions and many kindling fond memories or seeking closure.

If you missed the opportunity to observer or 'walk among the flags', you missed a moving experience. For me, it was an honor to be just a small part of the event.


My team goals for 2018 do not stray far from the original goals established last year. However, starting the event planning earlier  permits us to calibrate those project elements that went well and to focus on those elements that we now see with 20/20 hind sight. We now have the time to get every club member involve to lighten the load and implore the 'best-of-the-best' skills throughout the club membership. My past experience is that "friends can be made in any social event, but relationships are made when we sacrifice for a common objective".

The 'Flags of Honor' is a project that strives to be fun, impact our community, create memorable experiences, and raise financial resources to help our fellow men. I might add that participation in this project will create or expand your relationships within our club membership.


So, I ask you to mark your 2018 calendar on November 9,10,11 for the 'PERC Flags of Honor' event and experience. I will respond with additional information and specific call for action as the project moves forward. Please feel free to step-up to the challenge by offering specific skills, ideas and resources that help us make the 2018 project even greater. Communications should be directed to .