Plano East Rotary Flags of Honor Sponsor Progress Displayed 
One thousand sponsored flags is the club goal for the Plano Flags of Honor program scheduled for November 9-11 at Oak Point Park in Plano.
Goal progress is tracked on the clubs Flag Sponsor Progress Chart on the front page of PlanoEastRotary.Org for viewing by members and the public. The chart shows each member's involvement and a "thermometer" reflecting the progress toward the goal. $50,000 is the potential for the club and included partner organizations soliciting sponsors for honorees. 
Some club members are working with the partner organizations to assist them in securing donations and honorees for the project. Partner organizations have the potential of raising thousands of dollars for their organization by participation in Plano Flags of Honor.
Honorees designated by name by November 4th are assured of having a placquered with information about the honoree attached to their flag.
Example of flag tag from 2017 Plano Flags of Honor