ELECTION DETAILS: You can nominate any active member of PERC for any of the three open offices: president elect, secretary/treasurer or two year director starting 7/1/18. Please confirm their willingness to serve.  Current nominees are:
President-Elect for 7/1/18 -6/31/19 (Serves as president 7/1/19 – 6/31/20) Current Nominees are:  OSCAR LONG and CHRIS HENRY.
Secretary/Treasurer for 7/1/18 -6/31/19 Current Nominee is: LB SHOWALTER
Even Year Director (2 year term) for 7/1/18 – 6/31/20 Current Nominees are: CHRIS HENRY and TRACI MC-JANNETT-SMITH (incumbent)
To nominate someone, forward the information to Ken Roberts KRobs@Yahoo.Com and Jan Sullivan Jan@Cinco.Net.
I nominate : ____________________________________ For (Position): ________________________________________
Each nominee will make a short presentation prior to the election at the 12/28 meeting.