BULLETIN DEVELOPMENT PROGRESS: You are getting to see it step-by-step as man-hours are available. Trying layout this week with stories down the left double column with club information on speakers, meetings, calendar and other items down the right hand single column. Time not available to fix right column this week. Also going to see how to get rid of ClubRunner shoved advertising on the right. PLUS, there is an opportunity to have our own sponsors and advertisers in each bulletin. Randy's objective is to have enough sponsors to pay our ClubRunner fees and have that much more left over. Sooo... a "minor fundraiser."
INFORMATION is the objective with graphics coming in second. The world is hiring too much graphic design that frequently obfuscates the information content.
Three out-of-office meetings today slowed me down. Have to keep reminding myself, "Better is the enemy of 'good enough!'"
Randy Wright, Interim Editor