ABOUT OUR BULLETIN: We publish our bulletin every Tuesday as a means to keep our members informed about club activities past and coming up.
  1. Concept is to aggregate information from various sources and try to get everything in a weekly bulletin instead of multiple messages from multiple source.
  2. Archived bulletins are listed and can be accessed on the lower left of front page of PlanoEastRotary.Com
  3. Bulletin stories are provided by the person most familiar with the activity.
  4. The editor writes some stories from scratch.
  5. The editor edits and assembles stories into a bulletin with photos and text designed to make our members (and others) say, "Oh wow, that was great."
  6. The bulletin committee figures out what it takes to make #3 come true.
  7. Photos of club activities are taken by the PHOTOGRAPHER and others, then loaded into albums on the ClubRunner site. For example, Ean is going to create a CUBA album and start uploading photos there. All of our albums are currently public and can be accessed from the top menu bar on PlanoEastRotary.Com.