By Randy Wright
We are looking for a permanent bulletin editor to publish our bulletin every Tuesday. Key function is to aggregate information from multiple sources to create one great weekly  communication and minimize multiple emails from multiple sources. The editor (Randy this week) writes stories and takes other information to create the bulletin each Tuesday. Our administration committee action plan sez:
BULLETIN: Establish weekly bulletin for our members and subscribers. (Q1-18)
1.Get permanent bulletin editor.
2.Make the bulletin SO GOOD, and SO INFORMATIVE that members want to read it. Important information, but irreverent, and humorous OK.
3.Publish bulletin by email every week by Tuesday evening.
4.Use ClubRunner bulletin system.
5.Bulletin content:
  • Meeting report on the last meeting. Minutes may be provided by someone else.
  • Information on programs and activities coming up next week (10 days) with reference to details on ClubRunner.
  • Details on next social. Ask for sign-up?
  • Photos from meetings and club activities
  • Aggregate from multiple sources information members need to know to minimize multiple messages from multiple sources throughout the week. For example, admin messages re: ClubRunner might be included in bulletin rather than another random message.
You will win the "Hairy Arm Award" if you report three errors in this bulletin. RW