Minutes of the Meeting of September 13th
Captured as only L.B. Showalter Can Do. 
Well, wait a minute, there was once this
Guy called Orville Fudpucker, R.I.P....
  1. Ken Roberts called meeting to order at 5:44 ish
  2. Mark Ubl  (knew member) was the greeter.
    1. Sally Philipp was still talking while in Brazil, but was knot hear
  3. Earl Simpkins gave us a thoughtful prayer
  4. Lynne McNamme (future defector to knew E Club) led the Pledge
  5. Rick Maucieri , acting out as sgt at arms, reported that there were no knew knees to break (no guests)
  6. LB Showalter (Beloved and respected Treasurer) reported we have $3900 in operating account plus $3,390 raffle money and a $4K pittance in club foundation account.   Admonished those who have not yet done so – to pay their dues, but did not describe anyone as a “deadbeat” per instructions from management.
  7. President’s Report – after stretching upward so that he could be seen from everywhere  in the room, future Past President Ken Roberts repeated that we still need to fill the following positions:
    1. PR Director
    2. Foundation Director
    3. Youth Services Director (actually filled during meeting by George Elwell)
    4. Awards Manager (Ken implored Sally to take this on but she has escaped to Brazil))
    5. Fundraiser Manager
    6. Nominating committee chair for new officers to be submitted as officers by early December 2018 for the July 1, 2019 start date.  Of particular importance is secretary/treasurer. We only have about four more meetings before this task is to be completed.
  8. The extremely nice and well deserved District 5810 Ethics Award presented to Randy Wright (knot in attendance) was on display in front of room for all to see and wish for..  
  9. Amazon Smile donations are now available for the benefit of the PERC Foundation.  It is an opportunity for a percentage (small) of Amazon dollars we spend would go to the club foundation.  Go to Amazon Smile and sign up under the Plano East Rotary club Foundation and we win by getting some monies.
  10. Projects Manager:
    1. Rick Boyer – Plano Food Pantry on 18th Street (9 to noon):  landscaping project to improve their drainage issues – on October 13 – volunteer and tools needed.  
    2. Flag project – Gene Losey was knot hear but is busy replacing a few loose screws (a little journalism privilege taken hear).  Chris Henry is working on a plan to get employers behind the project with a match for each $50 flag purchased. Chris still working on P. R. for project.    Need club members to consider asking at least ten people to buy a flag. .
  11. Ean/Alan still working on club products (hats, banners, etc.)
  12. Plano Balloon Fest booth needs to be “personed” Sept 21 (Friday 6-9pm) and Sept 23 Sunday 6 to 7 am (morning).  Contact Rick Maucieri for info, etc. This is a good opportunity to display our Flags of Honor project and possible make a few sales. .
  13. George and Marianne Elwell did a vaudeville presentation of their classification talks.  It started when they were standing in line at DFW when Marianne was “looking for Dallas” and George was at the right time at the right place.  Their paths crossed and the rest is history with the unknowns becoming known and married in short order. George, an engineer by training, lost his shyness and now sells real estate to anyone that will or will not listen.  George became involved in Camp RYLA and loves to interview and work with the students. George is in his third Plano Rotary Club. Marianne is into her second Plano Rotary club. Both have held many offices in Rotary clubs.  Marianne started out working for her dad (back east) and then started her own rep company long before meeting George.
  14. Lynne McNammee (future defector) is having a not so secret social for the knew E Club “possible” Sept 19 at Cantina Laredo, Addison—specifics to be shared later.
  15. Upcoming WARNING, president elect Chris Henry will be running the meeting Sept 27!!!
  16. October 21 is another opportunity to show that we have the ability to beat the system at Escape Experts and raise some money for our club foundation.  More later.
  17. Ean Sullivan, the younger PDG, had the winning ticket for the drawing – but alas – didn’t find the Queen of Spades.  More money for the rest of us!
  18. Four way test was sorta led by PPTB Ken.
  19. Adjourn – 6:4603 pm