Plano East Rotary Sponsors Cuba Trip
Cuba - March 3 - 10, 2018
By Ean Sullivan
Once again the Plano East Rotary club is sponsoring a great service opportunity in Cuba.  All Rotarians, family and friends are welcome to join us on this unique opportunity.  Our last trip in September had 17 members representing 11 different clubs and 3 districts.  Don't miss out.  The nation of Cuba is changing rapidly and you shouldn't miss this.  Shortly after you land in Camaguey the first thing you will notice is obviously the mid 50's Chevys, Oldsmobiles and the like but when you leave the city and get to the town of Cespedes where we will be working you notice that there are more horses and carts than there are cars.  It is like stepping back 75-100 years.  There will be Rotarians on the trip that have been there before and you will have a translator and guides every step of the way.  There is only one way to describe the people of Cuba that we will interact with - INCREDIBLE!  We have wonderful friends in Cuba now that we look forward to seeing again.  Please join us, expand your world, and help show the world the work of Rotary.
I am happy to answer any questions but the better source of information is Alexandria Carruth, the Director of Development of Proclaim Cuba!, our partner organization. She can be reached at 817-805-8555 or
NEXT TRIP DETAILS: Cuba - March 3 - 10, 2018 Experience the eastern portion of Cuba,  countryside, cities and beautiful beaches. An incredible opportunity for cultural exchange!  Join Plano East Rotary on a work trip to the island. We will be working on the plumbing and electrical work at a community center. No special skills are required. Trip cost is $1,875 and includes airfare, travel visa, lodging and transportation, and most meals. For information please contact, or call 817-805-8555. 
I know the timing is short but if there is any way possible you can join us, I personally guarantee that you won't be disappointed. 
PDG Ean Sullivan