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Apr 20, 2021
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Mar 02, 2021
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 Club, please see the below message from Debi Dockins, the Secretary for Rotary Club of Pullman. 
                                                                                                                                                                                     Thank you,
                                                                                                                                                                                     Jim Bauer
Dear District Leaders,
This month, we hope you'll continue to take a look at the offerings in the Rotary Learning Center (, Member Section, Learning Center.).  
There are several tools for your specific Rotary leadership position, and ALSO lots of other education that can help you enhance your Rotary experience.  
As we have heard back from those taking the training, we are hearing comments like "I wish I had known that sooner" and "I am learning more about Rotary and able to tell more people about why I joined."
For the Month of July, we are encouraging you to continue your online education and share this information with your club members. They want to learn, too!  
Also in July, take a look at this great program from the Rotary Club of Richland and Steve Wiley's updates on COVID-19. (Cut and paste into your search bar.)  Could be a great club program.  (Thanks to Linda for sharing.)

UPDATED LINK: Dr. Steve Wiley's talk on Science of COVID-19
Happy Learning!  
Debi Dockins
Secretary, Rotary Club of Pullman
District Trainer, 2018-2022
RYLA Camp Director
Advisor, Rotaract of the Palouse
POB 65, Viola, ID 83872
Richland Rotarians,
It is an honor to begin my year as President of Richland Rotary, and it is interesting to imagine what the year will look like. It will likely be a new “normal”.  With our area in phase 1.5, we will be meeting virtually rather than socializing and renewing friendships in face-to-face groups for the foreseeable future. Life will be different for all of us, so we will have to try harder to make things work. Let us focus on what we can do, not on what we cannot do.
My theme for this year is “Be Involved”. The Rotary International motto is “Rotary Opens Opportunities”. Indeed, Rotary does open opportunities at all levels, but if we are not involved, those opportunities will be wasted. This will be a different year, so we must all work harder to Be Involved.
It will be an interesting challenge to bring in new members. We are used to having them show up at meetings and then introducing them around to the membership. We will need to Be Involved in coming up with new ways to bring in members. I would like to see us add 10 new members and retain all our existing members. Zoom meetings are a bit unique when you are used to meeting in person.  We will not put Richland Rotary on hold while we wait for the pandemic to pass. We must Be Involved in getting potential members to attend Zoom meetings. We must all Be Involved in making the meetings so interesting that people will want to join the meetings. We must all Be Involved in suggesting topics and speakers that are of interest to you and others. Help our ProgramCommittee by making those suggestions on a continuing basis. We also must Be Involved in retaining our existing members.  Check on members you have not seen for a while. Keep in contact with your friends.
The Duck Race is our main fundraiser during the year. It has been cancelled this year due to the pandemic. Although we have enough funds to complete our normal projects and scholarships this year, we need to continue to raise funds so that next year we will still be able to do good works in our community, and around the world, and fund our scholarship program. Coming up with ideas is not just the work of the Fundraising Committee. It is up to all of us to Be Involved with coming up with ideas and helping implement them. We probably will have smaller fundraisers, but more of them.  I would like to have 1 fundraiser per quarter. We can make it work if we all are involved.
Our committee structure in Richland Rotary can become more active. The committee chairs and their members will Be Involved and meet in ways that work for them and keeps them safe.  We are going to need the committees to carry a bigger workload and be more aggressive in identifying opportunities and making them work.
We all need to Be Involved in Club activities. Along with our regular meetings, I plan to continue Julie’s idea of a monthly social hour. This a great way to maintain your relationships within the club. I want to make the social hours a little more focused with themes for each social hour. To make this work, we must Be Involved. Please plan on attending the next social gathering and make it a success.  We also will seek out community projects that we can do safely, and hope to see you there.
In closing, you get out of Rotary what you put into it.  If Rotary is only coming to lunch meetings, you probably did not feel like you were getting much out of Rotary these last few months. Rotary can Open Opportunities, but to get the most out of those opportunities, we all must Be Involved. So, let us make this year the year to Be Involved in Rotary. And when you are involved, you have more fun.  
Be Involved
Jim Bauer
President, Richland Rotary Club     
What the Rotary Wheel Represents
The Rotary wheels has been a symbol since 1922.  It represents “Civilization and Movement”, in 1923 the gear wheel was introduced with 24 cogs and six spokes, however a group of engineers advised that this would be mechanically unsound and would not work without a “keyway” in the center to attach it to a power shaft.  Therefore, in 1923 the design was formally adopted as the Rotary International emblem. 
Mid Columbia Duck Race