Through the Rotary Club of Nedlands, we are indeed Changing Lives. Located in the slums of Kaptembwo, Nakuru, Kenya a whole community now has access to water through receiving a Global Grant received in 2015. Access to water has allowed a change throughout the 270,000 community. Giving opportunities of work through the washing of clothes for others, giving higher personal hygiene conditions, health: changing habits from collecting water from drainage, improved flushing sanitation within improvised toilets of the slums.
Changing Lives through providing education, food, and refuge to a further six children who attend the Nakuru Hope school. The opportunity of an education allowing them to be able to pursue a future, follow their own dreams, and inturn for them to change lives. 
The Rotary Club of Nedlands also provides a fundraising platform for Nakuru Hope which has assisted with the procurement of our school bus and library and the future development of over 300 children and 50 orphan/abandoned children.