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THEME FOR 2017-2018


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Rotary Club of Leavenworth

21st Annual
Strawberry Fundraiser

Fresh Unsweetened Strawberries
15-pound bucket. Cleaned, sliced and ready to eat.

This Leavenworth Rotary fundraiser supports scholarships for local youth.

Tell your friends and family about the berries!


Thanks for your support!!

It's a sweet thing!

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Posted by Ken Kohnhorst on Apr 26, 2011

Bob Lamar gets Blue Badge

Student of the Month Athena Schlyer

Some members pose with visiting contingent from
Kyrgyzstan after Friday meeting

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Posted by Ken Kohnhorst on Apr 16, 2011

Jordan is currently accepting applications for Host Families for our 2011-12 Exchange Student. 
Interested Rotarians or associates of Rotarians should contact me at 679-1123 for complete details.

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Posted on Apr 16, 2011

Welcome to our newest member of our Rotary Family - Renata Rumann

I was born in Bellevue Washington and moved to Leavenworth with my parents and three siblings when I was young. While growing up in the upper Wenatchee Valley I enjoyed school leadership, drama, and exploring our beautiful outdoors. In summer I was a lifeguard and spent an amazing year serving as Leavenworth’s Junior Miss ambassador.

After graduating high school in 2005 I had opportunity be an ambassador in a new way. I was able to participate in Rotary’s International Youth Exchange program. My year in Germany was educational, adventurous, and life changing. Not only did I get to learn a new language and experience a new culture, but I was also blessed to experience friendship and love from people who I had originally thought would be so different from me. It was eye opening. We humans are alike no matter where we come from helped. It shaped my future in a big way.

Upon my return from Germany I attended a four year university and graduated in 2010 with a Bachelor of Musical Arts degree and a Minor in Communication. While at university I involved myself in school leadership positions, acted as a campus tour guide and host, lived in the international hall, and was chosen by peers and university faculty to be a school ambassador (homecoming queen). These experiences helped me discover and define my passions and vocation.

I currently strive to shape a career path by combing these passions with the knowledge gained in my exchange experience. I want a vocation that emphasizing the unity of the human race while appreciating the differences culture bring. I believe whether in New York City or in Sichuan China there are siblings who tease each other, neighbors who share a good joke, friends who comfort the bereaved and parents who love their children. When we learn how we are alike our differences grow smaller. I want my vocation to aid this process. I have a few ideas and look forward to helpful guidance other Rotarians may give. I’m definitely looking forward to the adventure.

Welcome to Leavenworth Rotory Club!  We look forward to having Renata as a vital addition to Leavenworth Rotary.

Best wishes

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We need to have each member complete a membership form for use in preparing the District Roster.

We have made this form into a PDF file which you can get today and complete.

Please bring to the next Friday meeting and give to Ken.  This takes only a few minutes and is important.  We will also use this to update our own records.

Thanks for your prompt attention.  We need to have all of this completed by May 15th.  Don't delay...do it today!


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What Rotarians get out of Rotary depends largely on what they put into it. Many membership requirements are designed to help club members more fully participate in and enjoy their Rotary experience.  One of our responsibilities is attendance at Club Meetings.

Attendance cont'd from last week...

Make ups
Any club meeting that occur weekly at 33,000 clubs in 200+ countries
(If in foreign country the 14 day rule is waived)

Rotary International meetings count for Two Makeup's including our District & International Conferences to name just two.

Other Options
District Assembly
Rotaract Club meeting
Interact Club meeting
Rotary Community Corps
Rotary Fellowship
Rotary e-club Website (Attend for 30 mins)
(If you need help you can contact Mike McComas or
Ken Kohnhorst)

Club Activities
Board meetings
Service Committee Meeting (if member)
Club Service Project or Service Event
Fellowship Events

Non-Make ups
Jury Duty
Addressing a Non-Rotary Service Club
Military Service
Informal shipboard meetings

Excused Absences
Board Discretion for good & sufficient reason
When Aggregate Total age + Rotary Years = 85

Application in writing, for sufficient cause, for specified duration not to exceed one year.

Make-ups: (must be accomplished within 14 days before or after of missed regular meeting)
Please make sure to contact Marggie with information regarding other meeting or qualifying event as make-up to keep your records up-to-date

Need A Meeting Make-Up?

Why not visit one of our area Rotary Clubs?  Here is the list.

Cashmere - Wednesday, 12 noon @ Cashmere Presbyterian Church
East Wenatchee - Thursday, 7 a.m. @ Shari's Restaurant
Leavenworth - Friday, 11:45 a,m. @ Kristall's
Okanogan-Omak - Thursday, 12 noon @ Koala St. Grill
Wenatchee North - Wednesday, 12 noon @ Wenatchee Valley College Cafeteria
Wenatchee Sunrise - Tuesday, 7 a.m. @ Red Lion
Wenatchee Downtown - Thursday, 12 noon @ Red Lion
Grand Coulee Dam - Wednesday, 12 noon @ Siam Palace
Ephrata - Tuesday, 12 noon @ Country Deli
Quincy - Thursday, 12 noon @ Quincy Senior Center
or how about visiting an e-club: http://www.rotaryeclubone.org/


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Posted by Ken Kohnhorst on Mar 14, 2011

Ed comments on the Gumball Video we recently saw at our meeting...

Thanks, Ross, for directing me to this presentation.  I found it to be very impressive.  But the YouTube presentation (and that is NOT a negative BUT), states the problem.  The next action is one or more actions.  And that is why I have taken such a keen interest in our International efforts.  One, or many , factors which got me into this was the situation in the 60’s and ‘70’s in Central America. Had we spent as much effort there to relieve poverty as we spent on our covert and military actions, we could have put them on their way to improvements.  But, not only did we not help bring them forward, we antagonized them to the point that we are not able to help them much, even now.  But even now, we are doing much to antagonize them.  Just think about how much a coffee-bean picker gets vs. his boss, and then the profits go to the large US firms.  Same with bananas, etc.

So what can we do?  In my view, our club is doing much of it, such as:

Birth defects:  We are trying to stop about 5,000 deaths per year from spina bifida, and then to improve the lives which are saved;

With Rotaplast, we help the lives of those who would be total outcasts with their facial deformities;

We are supplying books and computers such that persons can now have an education sufficient to become gainfully employed and thereby have sufficient income to break the cycle of poverty for them;

With our pure water systems in Haiti and Guatemala, we are supplying the potential for up to 10,000 people to have pure drinking water;

In Nepal, we will improve the lives of those whose skill sets are not at the point of normal life entry;

In Africa, we supplied clean water to villages in Uganda through wells and through protection of pure water flowing from springs;

In each of these cases, there is one pay-off about which I hear very little:  When a person is sick due to water-borne illness, or facial deformities, or inability to go to school, their earning potential suffers.  Not only that, one’s ability to do work helps the family, the village, the region, and the nation.

One of the causes of the population explosion, it has been stated, is because many families in the most poverty-stricken situations know that some of their children will die and, without a social security and Medicare system, the family will suffer.  But when they understand that it does not take 8 kids to have two survive, there will be much less impetus to have such large families.

I am a bit tired of hearing about people shout about the wrongs we are committing.  Yes, I know that they have a point.  But what do they do about it?  I hear, at least weekly, that the Safeway-type bags are collecting in the middle of the Pacific and killing fish by the millions.  But how many of those same people have gone out there and dredged up some of those bags?

I am committed to do what I can to make significant improvements in the lives of many of the poor.  And I am pleased that our Rotary Club, and Rotary in general, is of the same mind.  So I go to India, the Philippines, and Guatemala not only to be sure that what we are doing with limited resources is being spent as well as possible, but also to be with the people to assure them that there are some people in the world who do care for them.  When people see the photos from my trip, they are taken by how many of the destitute people still can smile.  And it is true.  And part of it comes from knowing that “gringos”, and others like me do care about them and consider them to be equal human beings.

I wandered a lot here.  But the point I hope to make is that not only will those who see that YouTube presentation acknowledge what this very clever man did, but that they will take the next step, like we in our Club are doing.


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As you know we have been featuring a Rotarian of the Week for the past few months.  

It should be noted that if you do not wish to share your bio that is certainly your choice and I respect that decision.  Please do take the time to let me know via e-mail of that decision.   This will be of help to me in keeping my records.

Here are the instructions for those who have forgotten. Simply complete your bio and give to me at Friday meeting or send via e-mail or Word Document. Never written a bio??...there is a guide I have prepared to give you some hints as well samples.  Simply click on the link below. 

What you want to share is up to you.  It can be short...it can be long...but that is up to each individual.  Take a close look at this weeks bio for help.

This is your opportunity to share your past, present, and future with your fellow Rotarians. 

Please complete your bio as soon as you can so we continue with this new program.

Thanks so much.


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Thought you should know!

Currently the Local Projects Committee is working to develop some guidelines for individuals and organizations when applying for Rotary funds.
Along with these guidelines an application is also being developed that will be required as well. Their research indicates many clubs require an application be submitted when requesting funds.

When the committee has completed the guidelines and application it will be presented to your Board for approval in a few months. These changes are meant to maintain integrity in funding of local projects.


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Cashmere Rotary Club
to celebrate
75th Anniversary

Evening of Wednesday, April 13th, 2011
Cashmere Riverside Center

More information to follow


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Posted by Ken Kohnhorst on Feb 06, 2011
July 10 Teri Miller
July 17 Daniel Moody
July 24 Bill  Motsenbocker
July 31 Carly Mueller
Aug 7 Sandy Owens-Carmody
Aug 14 Gary Planagan
Aug 21 Chuck Reppas
Aug 28 Lynn Reppas
Sept 4 Karl Ruether
Sept 11 Elisabeth Saunders
Sept 18 Jim Scheibler
Sept 25 Mary Scheibler
Oct 2 John Schiefelbein
Oct 9 Gary Schuster
Oct 16 Steve Schwind
Oct 23 Marggie Simmons
Oct 30 Todd Smith
Nov 6 David Wagner
Nov 13 Joel Walinski
Nov 20 Dennis Webb
Nov 27 Jim Willems
Dec 4 Bruce Williams
Dec 11 Mike Worden
Dec 18 Diana Zumini
GREETER SCHEDULE 2015-16 Ken Kohnhorst 2011-02-07 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Ken Kohnhorst on Feb 01, 2011

Friends of Leavenworth Rotary bring clean water to two special-needs countries.
When called upon to generously assist the people of Haiti and Guatemala – the two poorest countries in the Americas – those who attended the Annual Leavenworth Rotary’s RotaryFest came through. The commitment was for water purification through a newly-developed system which can be used in a wide range of venues, from hospitals and clinics to schools and community centers to individual houses.

The answers came from those attending the RotaryFest was as simple as raising a paddle as a dollar amount was proposed. But when it was over, the citizens of the greater Leavenworth area had contributed over $8,000!

So what is happening now?
Getting goods through customs in developing countries is often quite complex, even when the goods being sent are for medical care, education, or economic advantage to the receiving county. One requirement is that the importers are not to gain financially, unless an often-high tariff is extracted, and even then with a lot of time being spent waiting for the slow governmental process to occur. Meanwhile, people are growing sick due to drinking and washing in bad water.

We were very fortunate to know that the Wenatchee Rotary Club was already involved in supplying such water purification systems to Haiti and working with medical personnel from Wenatchee who travel to Haiti to perform service works. So we are working with them and, as this is written, over 100 units are about to enter Haiti where they will be rapidly distributed.
Fortunately, Rotary commands a special place with some governments, including Guatemala, so the import will not be a major delay. It has taken a bit more time getting there, but the 100 plus units are scheduled to arrive in February. A very new Rotary Club in Guatemala City had recently asked Ed Baroch, of Leavenworth Rotary, to guide them as they develop their humanitarian efforts and so Ed proposed that they be the main controllers of this project for Guatemala. Also, we have had contact with Dick Rutgers, and American who works with Bethel Ministries in a range of services in Guatemala. When we found that he was already distributing such units, we decided to ask him to distribute some. And he immediately agreed.
The units chosen are of a new design, based on the same principal as that used in kidney dialysis: extremely small holes in plastic tubing through which only water and a few other molecules can pass, leaving behind the “dirt”. Small in size, each unit can generate up to 50 gallons per day of high-purity water. With over 200 units between the two countries, this means that several thousand people will have access to clean water for drinking and washing.

While this project was initiated and is being controlled by Leavenworth Rotary, great credit is given to those who attended, and contributed to, the RotaryFest events. Along with the good food and socialization, these neighbors of all of you took time to raise their paddle and show their credit cards in order to help make a better life for persons they may never meet. And we should recognize our friends in Wenatchee who made things flow so smoothly there – Dr. Dale Peterson, Ruffus Woods, Gil Sparks, Ford Barrett, and Garry Arseneault.
This project is one of over a dozen projects performed over the last ten years in 8 countries on three continents. Our latest effort, just now getting underway, is assistance to a special-needs school in Nepal.

By Ed Baroch


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Posted by Ken Kohnhorst on Jan 26, 2011

Will You?

Include The Rotary Foundation of
Rotary International in your will or other
estate plan to forever be a part of Rotary’s
legacy of doing good in the world.
Receive a special invitation to join
the Bequest Society by
contacting 847-866-3100
or plannedgiving@rotary.org. Thank you.


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Posted by Ken Kohnhorst on Jan 26, 2011

Bicycles for Humanity, Seattle is dedicated to shipping thousands of bicycles to South Africa every year to help poor and impoverished villagers improve their lives with transportation.

Their goal 2011 is to ship 2,000 bikes, four cargo containers loaded with 500 bikes each, to needy villagers in South Africa.

Two Wheels Can Change a Life
Why are bikes so important in South Africa? There is very little modern transportation as we know it. And there are no buses or trains. Bicycles can help health care workers reach distant villages that have no medical facilities.

Because the high incidence of HIV has caused the orphan population to literally explode, our donated bicycles can help South African children travel miles to school where a hot lunch—possibly the only full meal of the day—and an education await.

And, in an area where one out of every two people is unemployed, bikes can also help a villagers get to work or start a small business.

If you can help with a bike please deliver to Karl at the Icicle Inn or give him a call. 

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Posted by Ken Kohnhorst on Jan 18, 2011

It is now time to start looking for an Ambassadorial Scholar for the 2011-12 Rotary year. We are very proud of those who have been chosen in the past and we will be looking to the future for those candidates who have chosen one of The Rotary Foundation Areas of Focus which are:

- Peace and Conflict Prevention/Resolution
- Disease Prevention and Treatment
- Water and Sanitation
- Maternal and Child Health
- Basic Education and Literacy
- Economic and Community Development

 This new approach is in accordance with the new Future Vision of TRF which will be fully implemented in the 2013 Rotary year.

Please see the application process and guidelines/application form on the District Website

Ambassdorial Scholarships for 2011-2012 Ken Kohnhorst 2011-01-19 00:00:00Z 0
ROTARY YOUTH EXCHANGE DOING JUST FINE! Ken Kohnhorst 2011-01-19 00:00:00Z 0
Posted on Jun 30, 2010
Marggie Simmons is our new attendance officer. Please direct all make up and attendance information to her for recording. NOTICE TO COMMITTEE CHAIRS (click on blue heading for info)
ATTENDANCE OFFICER 2010-07-01 00:00:00Z 0
Need Attendance Makeups? It's Easy! Try the following.... 2010-05-18 00:00:00Z 0
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Another update – of one of the places we have been supporting for about 9 years, largely through the spina bifida efforts which are guided by Guatemala del Este Rotary Club with whom we do the actual contact work.


It is great to see that they are now more active in providing limbs for people.  They have done that for quite a while, but only on a limited basis.  Recently they enlarged that capability, as you will see in some of the DVD’s from the side bar on the right.


The young woman shown in some of the shows is Alba, who was one of the first patients of Transitions and now works for them, both in the office, and in the factory.  She did not have Spina bifida, but polio, and is one of the very last people in Guatemala to have had polio.  As a matter of interest, Guatemala was one of the first nations in the world to totally eliminate polio, largely through the efforts of the US CDC who wanted to see if it was possible, and so funded it quite a bit, back in the ‘70’s or ‘80’s.  We do do some things well!


What Transitions does which the others do not as much of is to educate and train their patients such that they can get an occupation paying normal wages, even if they are in a wheel chair.  For example, one of the other wheel chair operations in Antigua – Hope Haven – which manufactures wheel chairs, employs several men who were trained at Transitions.  They hired them, at our strong urging.


Seeing all of this makes me “second-home sick” – to return to Guatemala soon.

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"I expect to pass through this world but once. 
Any good therefore that I can do, or
any kindness that I can show
to any fellow creature, let me
do it now.  Let me not defer
or neglect it, for
I shall not pass this way again."

PROGRAM - November 30
None scheduled

Brad Brown

Enjoy your Thanksgiving and don't forget what we are truly celebrating


Sunday, December 16th, 4:00 PM
at the home of Penny Carpenter


By Ed Baroch





Regional Conference set for 2013
Kamloops, Canada



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On March 31st Karl helped and others to
collect and send 30+ bikes to Seattle
 and then off to Africa next month.

Karl would like to thank Tony Banks, Jim Willems,
 David Wagner, Joel Walinski,  Mary Scheibler,
 Gary Planigan and one of his employees
and of course my wife Denise.
A  great effort by all in spite of the lousy weather.


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On February 28th Karl helped and others to
collect and send 30+ bikes to Seattle
 and then off to Africa next month.

Thanks for your help, Karl!


Karl is working on the bike collection project, Saturday, March 31.
The flyer for the metal collection day can be seen by clicking on this link.
The flyer provides information on locations.
 We will need help to gather up the bikes. Folks
with trucks, trailers and the ability to help load.



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Meeting the minimum attendance requirement
is your responsibility as a Rotarian

Benefits of Attendance
Fosters fellowship among club members
Provides opportunities to meet new people and reconnect with long-time friends
Keeps you current on club, district, and Rotary International news and events

Attendance Requirements

As explained in the Standard Rotary Club Constitution, each member needs to meet the following requirements:
Attend or make up at least 50% of your Rotary club meetings in each half of the year.
Attend at least 30% of your club’s meetings in each half of the year.
A member may not miss or fail to make up four consecutive meetings.

Attendance for a Meeting
You should be present for at least 60% of a club meeting for
 it to count towards the attendance requirement.
For example, you would need
to be present for at least 36 minutes of a 60 minute meeting.

Attendance at your Club

You should attend at least 30% of your own club’s meetings in each half of the year.
For example, if your club holds 26 regular weekly meetings
in six months, you must attend at least 8 meetings.

There are many ways that you can still receive attendance
credit if you cannot  attend you club meeting. §Attend a meeting of another club:

Attend a meeting of a Rotaract or Interact club, Rotary Community Corps, or Rotary Fellowship
Attend certain district or RI meetings
Participate in club-sponsored event or service project
Attend a club board or service committee meeting with authorization of the club board
Participate in an E-club meeting for at least 30 minutes

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Renata is now in Germany and you can follow
her adventure by going to her blog below:


Here is the website for her employer


Here is description of her program:

Edelweiss Lodge and Resort, an Armed Forces Recreation Center (AFRC), located in Garmisch, Germany i
s looking for people with great customer service skills to join its hospitality team for a period of 13 months. AFRC has provided
 a distinctive style of hospitality, exceptional service and quality accommodations to the U.S. Armed Forces
since 1945. Opened in September 2004, Edelweiss Lodge and Resort
 is complete with all the comforts and amenities of a world-class resort destination.

Our employees have been the cornerstone of our long-standing success and guest satisfaction.
Guest simply would not have the excellent vacation experience they do, if it were not for the "eager-to-please" staff.
We go to great lengths to satisfy our customers, we want to exceed
every expectation and this is where our employees excel; going that extra mile.

Edelweiss Lodge and Resort is committed to providing a safe,
enjoyable, team-oriented work environment:

•Wages comparable with industry standard
•Part-time positions (20 - 39+ hours)
•Health and dental insurance
•401(k) savings plan with company contributions
•Well-maintained, tailored uniforms
•Transportation to and from Germany
•Dorm-style housing

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If you missed our meeting in December
the following were
elected to the Board of Directors
 and will resume their positions on July 2012.

President- Sandy Owens-Carmody
President elect- Deborah Hartl
Treasurer-Shawna Alexander
Director 1- Carnan Bergren
Director 2- Penny Carpenter
Director 3- Brad Brown

Congratulations to all.
Thanks for serving


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Rotary’s Challenge reaches US $200 million milestone!

Rotarians around the world have helped Rotary’s Challenge for polio eradication
reach the US$200 million milestone. Rotary Foundation Trustee John Germ, chair of the challenge committee,
made the announcement on 17 January at the International Assembly in San Diego, California, USA.
Although this important financial milestone has been
reached, the goal of global polio eradication remains. Read more.

Rotary celebrates India’s first polio-free year! Read more.


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To here complete interview


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Meet Our Exchange Student
Up-Close & Personal

Hi my name is N’gare Falise – AKA Chichi

My mom and dad met during a mission in Kenya, fell in love and decided to have a child that my mom would raise.
That was it. I was born in the little town of Chimay in the very south of Belgium on October 28th in 1993. Soon after my birth I was called “Chichi” by my mom thanks to little monkey dolls that were called the same way and they were very popular at that moment.

The first years of my life were marked by travels. I lived in a lot of different countries, in Europe, Asia, Africa and America thanks to my mom’s job. My mom Genviève is a nurse and works for ”Doctors Without Borders”, a non governmental organization. From the age of a few months till my entry in primary school I followed her in those countries and had the opportunity to taste various cultures for a couple months each time.

With my sixth birthday came school. I entered the primary school in my town, the school “St Pierre et Paul“. I went through the six years of primary school without any major trouble. Making friends a lot and learning, a lot too. During these years I kept travelling with mom during the holidays and eventually missing one or two months or school.

When I turned twelve, I entered High School for six long years of a big adventure. High school being more demanding than primary school and being older, I stopped following my mom who at that time would leave only once or twice a year and work at the hospital in my town in between. High school was a wonderful experience. Again, I had the opportunity to travel, but this time with school, going to places I ignored in Belgium and to other places in Europe for educative trips! My two last years in high school were definitely the greatest ones! We organized several events, participated in others and ended the senior year with a twelve day trip to Germany, Poland and Tcheck Republic.
It was during these two years that I started thinking about an eventual extra year as an exchange student. My big family of sic uncles and aunts and twenty cousins all from my mom‘s side were living five miles around my grand parents’ house. Each year an exchange student would be part of the family for several months and one of my cousins also spent a year in Mexico thanks to the rotary. A friend of mine also spent a year abroad with the rotary, raising my interest for the program.
I made the big decision during my senior year and filled in the forms to be part of the rotary exchange program. Soon after I was accepted and the departure arrived incredibly fast!

The next step back to Belgium will be university. This year also serving as a “thinking” year, I’m still looking for a definitive study choice. I would like to study Sciences, but I’m also interested in social studies. Hopefully I’ll make the right choice and in time!

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Posted by Ken Kohnhorst

SEND VIA E-MAIL graphicone@charter.net

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Did you know.... 

Did you know that an estimated 878 million people — nearly half of them employed — live on less than US$1.25 a day?  The Rotary Foundation through Rotary Direct is helping change that.  Thanks to you, Rotarians are bringing economic and community development to impoverished communities through projects that support local entrepreneurs and provide much needed vocational training.

I thought you may enjoy this video about a former Rotary scholar, who with Rotary’s help, is investing in women in India to create a brighter future for themselves, their families and their communities. 


Because of your investment through Rotary Direct, Rotary can continue to support scholars like this, train community leaders and grow local economies; thank you

I also wanted you to know that the Foundation has recently made enhancements to our recurring giving program.  As a result, over the next few months we will be transitioning to the new system.  We expect this to be a smooth process, but I wanted you to be aware in advance and will be in touch early next year with more information.  If you have any questions about this change or any other Foundation matter, please contact one of our Foundation specialists at 1-866-976-8279 or see your local representative.

Thank you again for your continued support,

Eric Schmelling
Fund Development Manager
The Rotary Foundation

P.S. - If you are not a current contributor please consider doing so...see your President or local representative.

The Rotary Foundation Contact Center:
Available for all general Foundation-related inquiries
866-9ROTARY (866-976-8279) | contact.center@rotary.org
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You're Invited

Bon Voyage Party
Renata Rumann

to wish her well as she departs for her
new job in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany

You're invited to drop by on
Sunday, January 8th from 3:00-6:00
Ken & Charlotte's home
12817 Shore Street

Refreshments and snacks will be available


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A Soldier Is A Gift

As we celebrate Christmas, and we open our gifts,
we realize what priceless gifts a soldier gives to our country—
the gifts of patriotism, service, and deep dedication to our nation.

As we feast on a variety of fine Christmas delicacies,
we acknowledge that a soldier personifies a variety of fine qualities:
courage, good character, honor, fortitude amidst hardship,
persistence in subduing evil, and bravery in the face of danger.

A soldier is a cut above the rest of us,
doing jobs we could not or would not do.
While we are surrounded by Christmas comforts,
we remember soldiers in places we would not want to be,
bringing the gift of adaptability to any situation,
no matter how harsh or difficult.

As we "ooh" and "aah" over the Christmas lights and shiny ornaments
we recognize that a soldier gives us the most cherished gift of all,
the shining light of freedom.

At Christmas, let us wrap our hearts and minds
around our treasured soldiers.
May they understand how very much their service means to us.
Let us send the Christmas gifts of love, respect and admiration
to our steadfast, loyal, magnificent warriors
and their essential civilian support staff.

They themselves are the most precious Christmas gift of all,
our protectors—our soldiers.

By Joanna Fuchs


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Posted by Ken Kohnhorst


Friday's Rotary Meeting will involve everyone attending. 
We will be playing a game called "Is it the Truth?" 

Bring some $1 dollar bills for this game!

Each person who plans to attend on Friday should bring with them 
4 statements of experiences or accomplishments about their past.

Three (3) of the statements should be true and one of them should be false.  

 Each member who puts a dollar on the table is able to guess which one is the lie. 
Those that are correct, keep their dollar, those who are wrong pay the Sgt of Arms. 

 (Tony Banks provides this example.)  

(1) I was a 4 year letterman in track in high school.
(2) I served in the Army in WWII
(3) I parachuted out of a piper cub over Pangborn Field
(4) I dated Mall Boyd before she met Tom.  (Tony, this is how rumors get started)

 Three of these statements are true and one of them false.  
It is up to the Rotarians in the audience to figure out which one of those 4 statements is false.  

Come prepared to have some fun!


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Posted by Ken Kohnhorst

There is an opportunity to give to the Colville Indian Tribe where Bob & Mina Twitchell work so all the kids in the community receive Christmas presents. If you'd like to help get some of the items below please bring them Rotary on Friday and I will be giving them to Shane Riker to take up to Colville on the 21st.  They are looking for:

·        Adult Medium & Large Hoodies (for both girls & boys)

·        CD's for teens (Christian Pop-- Skillet, Newsboys, The Afters, Tenth Avenue North)

·        Walmart Giftcards

Diana Zumini 

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December 16, 2011
Tumwater Room - Best Western Icicle Inn
$15 per person
 Please let Diana Zumini know if your coming

Our Menu
Crisp House Salad w/ Dressing
w/ rolls and butter

Chicken Jerusalem
Festive Quinoa
Snap Peas w/ red pepper and mushroom

Chocolate Ghirardelli Mousse
w/Chambard Raspberry Liquor

Seattle’s Best Coffee or Tea service, soda, or milk

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End Polio Now…We’re this Close  To “Closing the Gap”

All Community Members and Organizations are invited to come join us and help raise awareness and money for this effort.

Why: Twenty-six years ago, Wenatchee native
          Dr. Ed Cadman helped launch Rotary
          International’s efforts to eradicate Polio.
          We can now help finish the job…

When: October 24, 2011, 5:00-6:00 pm
            (World Polio Day) 

Where: Downtown Wenatchee at Centennial Park
              and North Central Washington Museum

What:  In addition to “closing the gap” Rotary will host
            a wide array of activities that evening, including:    
            Music in the Park, An Iron Lung Display, an E
            Exhibit on Polio, First-Hand Accounts from Polio
            Survivors and Refreshments


Event supported by Local Rotary Clubs in conjunction with Wenatchee Valley College Allied Health and Wenatchee Valley Medical Center

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BBQ Fellowship Meeting

To welcome our new exchange student
Chichi Falise N’gare from Belgium

August 25, 2011
6:00 p.m.

Steve and Phyllis McKenna’s home
12490 Shore Street (end of street)
Leavenworth, WA

Please bring a side dish (salad or desert)

Pulled pork/chicken sandwiches will be provided

Posted by Ken Kohnhorst

November 12th, 2011






Reminder that for those who pay by October 14th are eligible
for a drawing for $100 discount.....


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Ken Kohnhorst is on the road but found Rotray Meeting in Mayerhofen, Austria

President  Rainer Wechsberger heads up meeting

Ken presents Leavenworth banner

Members meet after main meeting


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At the recent President's Banquet outgoing President, Ross Frank presented the following awards:

Paul Harris Fellows:

 Dean Johnson PH +1  Jim Willems PH+ 2  Gary Schuster PH+ 3 
Liz Saunders PH+7

Brad, Diana awarded Paul Harris Fellows from Club for RotaryFest work over the years.

Outgoing Directors:
Dean Johnson
Mike McComas
Gary Schuster

100% Attendance:
Adamson, Jim
Alexander, Shawna
Boyd, Thomas
Brown, Jordan
Frank, Ross
Helmick, Steve
Johnson, Dean
Kohnhorst, Ken
McComas, Mike
Scheibler, Mary
Schuster, Gary
Simmons, Marggie
Wagner, David
Willems, Jim



Password  wurst1


PRESIDENT'S BANQUET 2011 Ken Kohnhorst 0
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Who We Are : DISTRICT 5060

District 5060. We see this designation on banners and websites. We hear it mentioned at our club meetings, and every year we are encouraged to attend the District Conference. Exactly what is a district, and specifically, what is district 5060? The latest edition of the Rotary Manual of Procedure defines a Rotary District as "a group of Rotary clubs in a geographical area that are linked for administrative purposes." It also says that Rotary Districts "exist solely to help the individual Rotary club advance the Object of Rotary." The next 29 pages describe in great detail, the operation of a Rotary district. It's all there online at www.rotary.org Every Rotary district has several committees that provide service and support for the activities of clubs.

The committees of District 5060 include Membership, Administration, Public Relations, Youth programs and more. All of these committees are outlined on the District website at www.rotary5060.org. The leader of a district is the Governor. Our Governor Dave Stambaugh, a member of the Ellensburg Rotary club, oversees 60 Rotary clubs in central British Columbia and central Washington. The district extends 550 miles or 699 kilometers from Clearwater in the North to Prosser in the south. There are currently 2890 Rotarians in the district. Hopefully, that number will increase to 3000 next year.

The largest has a membership of 326 and the smallest has 13 members. The Yakima Rotary club is not only the largest in the district; it is currently the 29th largest club in the world. Being founded 1919, it is also the oldest in our district. By contrast, the newest club is the West Kelowna Daybreak Rotary club, chartered in 2009.

Each Governor serves for one year, but begins preparing for service almost three years earlier. When this current Rotary year ends on June 30, 2011, District Governor-elect Garry Hollingshead, of the Rotary Club of Summerland, BC, will become the next Governor. He will be followed a year later by Doug Everett of the Chase Rotary Club. After Doug, Darrell Blue of the Yakima Rotary Club will become Governor.

District 5060 has the distinction of being one of a few that includes members in more than one country.. The makeup of our district helps further a Rotary goal of improving international understanding and goodwill. It also helps advance the Object of Rotary.

Courtesy of Lake Chelan Rotary Club


District Conference 2012
Penticton Lakeside Resort

May 31, 2012 - Jun 03, 2012

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For those who might like to follow my travels for the next couple
of weeks you can go to
Your editor...Ken Kohnhorst

The new Greeter List is now on the website
and also is shown on newsletter.

Karen Livas and her committee are updating
the Speakers for the coming year.  Any
suggestions can be given to Arnie, Tony, Penny or Karen.

Great job Mary as part of the Hawaiian dance group
at the recent International Dance Festival

He's a little item of interest...seen doing swing dancing was
John Fishburne and his wife at the festival. You guys rock!!

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Posted by Gary Schuster

The District Conference experience began with Zondra & myself being Home Hosted along with another couple from Canada. Our host was President-elect of the Ellensburg Sunrise Club. He gained the benefit of the advise from two past presidents concerning ticklish problems that he wished to address during his coming year. And we the hosted gained knowledge of the area culture and some delightful new friends. A most engaging evening.

The next morning Erin Gruwell, founder of the Freedom Writers Foundation that fosters an educational philosophy that values and promotes diversity, treated us to an unforgettable presentation. Her story was released in a Paramount Pictures film entitled Freedom Writers. She could have very well played herself instead of Hillary Swank. You would have had to been made of stone not to be moved by the emotion that poured from Erin.

Appearing with Erin was Maria Reyes, the real life girl, a former gang member, whose life was turned around through Erin’s intervention. She went on to earn a bachelors degree and has since traveled the country speaking to teachers, administrators, at risk youth, and community leaders about the power of education. Maria could also have played her own part in Freedom Writers, so powerful and full of stage presence was her presentation to us.

The afternoon was full of Break Out sessions on numerous topics. I chose to attend a presentation by Junior Achievement, an organization dedicated to the financial literacy of elementary and high school students. Out of each of these Break Out sessions I’m sure there were many AH-Ha moments. Mine came when a high school student enrolled in Junior Achievement was asked what he received from the program. Among the things listed was the desire to let his parents know how much he appreciated what they had done for him. He was astounded how expensive he was. How long did you have wait to hear your children say those words to you?

The day had been full of a roller coaster of emotions. By evening we were all ready to just have a good time. And boy were we not disappointed. We were treated to a delicious meal, wine, fellowship, and a threesome of wandering comic troubadours. All this was just the right medicine to achieve a cathartic release from the day’s events. Some seemed to have needed more release than others, but it was all great fun.

The next morning the District’s Youth Exchange students were presented. The Key Note speaker was our inbound from Germany, all six foot-seven of him. He gave an elegant heartfelt recounting of his experiences, his sincere thanks for Rotary for making “the best year of his life” possible, and thanks to Robin DeRock as she frantically pulled tissues from a box in the attempt to stem the tide of tears. Robin is the de-facto Mother of all inbound exchange students in this district. She was not the only one in the audience with wet eyes.

So on our way home there was a tinge of regret in my mind, feeling bad that more of you could not have experienced this Conference. Next year it is going to be held in Summerland/Penticton. Please start thinking of excuses of why you will not be attending. This is fair warning. The Membership committee will be lobbing each of you, with the fervor of evangelistic missionaries pursuing lost souls, to attend next years District Conference.

Submitted by Gary Schuster
Impressions of a District Conference Gary Schuster 0
Posted by Ken Kohnhorst


The new Greeter List is now on the website
and also is shown on newsletter.

For those who might like to follow my travels for the next couple
of weeks you can go www.graphicone.com/travels.html 
Your editor...Ken Kohnhorst

You can tell more about a person by what he says about others than you can by what others say about him.

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A Cowboy's Christmas Prayer

I ain't much good at prayin', and You may not know me, Lord--
I ain't much seen in churches where they preach Thy Holy Word,

But You may have observed me out here on the lonely plains,
A-lookin' after cattle, feelin' thankful when it rains,

Admirin' Thy great handiwork, the miracle of grass,
Aware of Thy kind Spirit in the way it comes to pass

That hired men on horseback and the livestock that we tend
Can look up at the stars at night and know we've got a Friend.

So here's ol' Christmas comin' on, remindin' us again
Of Him whose comin' brought goodwill into the hearts of men

A cowboy ain't no preacher, Lord, but if You'll hear my prayer,
I'll ask as good as we have got for all men everywhere.

Don't let no hearts be bitter, Lord; don't let no child be cold.
Make easy beds for them that's sick, and them that's weak and old.

Let kindness bless the trail we ride, no matter what we're after,
And sorta keep us on Your side, in tears as well as laughter.

I've seen old cows a-starvin', and it ain't no pretty sight:
Please don't leave no one hungry, Lord, On Thy good Christmas night--

No man, no child, no woman, and no critter on four feet--
I'll aim to do my best to help You find 'em chuck to eat.

I'm just a sinful cowpoke, Lord,--ain't got no business prayin'--
But still I hope You'll ketch a word or two of what I'm a-sayin':

We speak of Merry Christmas, Lord--I reckon You'll agree
There ain't no Merry Christmas for nobody that ain't free.

So one thing more I'll ask You, Lord: just help us what You can
To save some seeds of freedom for the future sons of man!

Christmas poem written by S. Omar Barker.

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Posted by Ken Kohnhorst

Hello Leavenworth Rotarians

Yes, they don't celebrate Thanksgiving here, but some other exchange students and I got together last weekend and celebrated. It was really fun. It was hosted at my house because my host parents were gracious enough to let us take over their kitchen. We cooked a fifteen pound turkey, made mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, salad, stuffing, and other traditional things. We just had everyone that came make a dish. It was really nice just to be together with all the other exchange students and talk about everything and catch up with some of those that I haven't talked to in awhile.

It was nice to hear from you, sorry this is short, but I have to get going to go to school.

Talk to you soon,

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Posted by Ken Kohnhorst

Photos by Karen Livas & Ken Kohnhorst

Here's how to view them:
Click on this link:
Once you are there simply put in this e-mail:
graphicone@charter.net and the the password  wurst1

That's all and you can enjoy the event once again
PS I am working on something even easier for folks to see photos in the future.  If you have photos and would like to share please let me know...we would love to add them.

Posted by Ken Kohnhorst

RotaryFest 2010 is rounded up and branded and now a great memory. Thank you to everyone in the Club who helped out and supported the Fest. Many of our members, spouses and community friends contributed in many different ways... from small tasks to huge tasks. The event was truly a Club effort. Many hands make light work.

I am grateful for all of your contributions. I am not going to list names except two people who led the charge and "got'er done". Brad and Diana chaired RotaryFest and put hundreds of hours (if not more) of work making this event a success. Big "Atta-ways" for them. This was Brad's third year chairing RotaryFest and next year he will be in the throes of Fatherhood...we will miss his leadership and passion. That leaves the door open for another Rotarian to step up and take charge. Bill may be speaking to you!

The preliminary financial picture looks very good. Thanks to a great  community of neighbors and friends for supporting us with their hard earned dollars. I received a lot of compliments from folks who enjoyed themselves and thought the evening was very nice. Gary McMahon, our Singing Cowboy, who has done many functions like this over the years was very complimentary about our event. He was especially impressed how friendly and welcoming everyone was towards him. He even thinks you all have a chance of gettin' cultured!  Atta-away!!!  Have Fun and Get'er Done"

Yours in Rotary,

A Word from the Trail Boss... Ken Kohnhorst 0
Posted by Ken Kohnhorst

Well, the trail was long and hard but the final round-up was a success...yes indeed, RotaryFest 2010 looks like it has surpassed last year and our expectations.   Our preliminary net profit is close to $40,000.  That gets a big "Yahoo!"

As we head for home there are many folks who helped make this trail ride a success.  First off, thank you to Mary & Marggie for the very hard work it took to make the registration and office work so smoothly. We especially want to thank Marianne Frank and Siggi Willems for the wonderful decorations and putting us in a western frame of mind.  Thanks to FBLA students, Village Voices and Cashmere Valley Bank for keeping things rolling throughout the evening. 

Special thanks to Alley Cafe, Visconti's, JJ Hills and the Sleeping Lady for the great "grub".  Also, a thank you to the Scouts for their participation in the opening ceremony.  Of course a big "Yahoo" to our President Ross Frank for heading up the evening along with his side-kick Clint Strand. 

Thanks to Ken Kohnhorst our webmaster and Karen Livas for all their help in getting the word out.  We would be a shame to forgot Sandy Owens-Carmondy from The Tumwater Restaurant & Lounge and all the others who donated those wonderful desserts.  Our Fund-a-Need was a great success thanks in great part to the outstanding presentation by Colin Brine. 

Lastly, to all of our sponsors, donors, workers and to anyone that had a hand in making this a success...especially the members of Leavenworth Rotary and the generous people of Leavenworth.  This was a great "crew" to share the trail with...Adiós until we ride again!

Diana Zumini & Brad Blackburn, RotaryFest Chairs


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MEMBER NEWS Ken Kohnhorst 0
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Our Area will be featured in the upcoming issue of the District Roundup Newsletter.  We would love to have a good representation from Leavenworth Rotary Club...to do so we need your stories and photos of the past years activities and projects as well as any on-going projects.  Please prepare these items and send to Webmaster at graphicone@charter.net or place on a CD and give to me at one of the upcoming meetings.  The sooner I have this information the easier it is to get the information to the District.  If you are not sure exactly what this newsletter looks like go to District 5060 and click on the November Newsletter link on the left side of the website.  If you have any questions I am always a phone call away...548-0150

Posted by Ken Kohnhorst


Mark Your Calendars!!!

Please invite your spouse or guest to join us for a enjoyable luncheon. 
There will be surprises, entertainment and much more!

Posted by Ken Kohnhorst

Peru in February!
Kevin and I would like to invite you to join us on a our next trip to Peru. The dates will be January 29 – February 6, 2011. We will be traveling to Arequipa, Peru to visit Torre Fuerte and our new project; as well as visiting one of the Rotary clubs in Arequipa.

The cost of the package will be approximately 2100.00 per person and includes roundtrip air from Seattle, inter-country air, hotel accommodations in Lima and Arequipa, most taxi fares, breakfast, lunch and some dinners, tour of Arequipa, and some gratuities.

For more information please call Kathy Daviscourt at 548-7888 or 293-2523.

TAKE A WINTER BREAK! Ken Kohnhorst 0
Posted by Ken Kohnhorst


This course is designed to give Rotarians a basic knowledge of Rotary structures, the district, and a practical understanding of the changes and challenges facing Rotary today.

This course is highly recommended for all presidents-elect, newer Rotarians, and anyone else considering serving on club or district committees.

The course will be through email correspondence, and participants will work at their own pace. The primary focus is to give learners practice finding and using the resources needed to answer questions about the workings of RI and the District.

The cost of the course is limited to materials the participant (or a club) wishes to purchase, but nearly all resources used are available online as free downloads, or can be borrowed. Participants must have a computer with software capable of opening Microsoft WORD documents and pdf files, and be proficient in email.

In an attempt to keep everyone together as much as possible, members not signed up by October 31 will need to wait until next year to take the course.

The registration form and course outline can be found by clicking on the link THE FOLLOWING LINK:  http://www.clubrunner.ca/dprg/dxprogramhome/_programhome.aspx?did=5060&pageid=11361


Posted by Ken Kohnhorst


There are ten openings for a ‘home’ baked dessert donation. If you are planning to donate a dessert we (we=Diana) need to know ASAP. There are a few regulars that bring wonderful goodies, and a few Rotarians that go pick up donations at local bakeries. I need to know if you are planning to do this again. Last minute items are hard to manage and feelings get hurt if a donation is not accepted. That is never our intention so PLEASE email me or call my cell phone by November 3rd if this is something you are donating a dessert or planning to pick up a donated dessert.

When you donate your dessert please plan on also donating whatever it is being served on. We have had a few cake plates ‘lost’ over the last few years, they are very hard to keep track of.

Also by November 3rd we will need a detailed description of your dessert so we can create ‘desire’ for the dessert.

COOKIES!!! Not everyone wins a bid on dessert so we try to supply something sweet for all. If you would like to bake cookies for the November 13th event let me know. Even if you are not attending the event this is something you can do ahead of time. We would like about 20 dozen cookies.

RotaryFest is shaping up to be an awesome event. Please be sure you have bought your ticket or your table and come have some fun!!!!

Diana Zumini 509-670-5056 email dzumini@cherrycreekradio.com

Posted by Ken Kohnhorst

Plan on attending...

Our District Governor Dave Stambaugh will be visiting us on Nov. 5., 2010.  We look forward to a nice turnout so mark your calendars now to attend.

Dave was raised in Bremerton Washington and graduated from the University of Puget Sound in 1964. He became a Naval Aviator with three tours in Vietnam. After leaving the Navy he joined SAFECO Insurance Company. Served as
Vice President of Operations at SAFECO before becoming an independent management consultant. He formed Stambaugh Associates in 1989 to help companies completely restructure their business processes.

Dave first  joined the University Sunrise Rotary in 1982 where he served as chair of several committees  and later was a charter member of the Rotary Club of Redmond Rousers and was president in 1991-92. A club goal was to win every award offered to a club of their size at the district 5030 conference and they did.  Later he joined the Ellensburg Rotary and has been a board member, an area foundation coordinator, assistant district governor, district trainer and help start RLI in District 5060. A Rotary highlight was a Rotaplast mission to China.

He was named King County United Way volunteer of the year and is presently the Board Chair of HopeSource, a Community Action Council that provides the needy with energy assistance, weatherization, transportation, emergency shelter, transitional housing, low income housing, rent assistance, and oversees the food banks. Serves on the Yakima Junior Achievement of Washington Board.

David is a multiple Paul Harris Fellow, a member of the Bequest Society and a level three Major Donor. Married to wife Jan and they have three children and eight grand children.

Special note to Board Members & Committee Chairs: He wishes to meet with the Club Board and Committee Chairs
at 10:30 am at Kristall's before our regular meeting.

Posted by Ken Kohnhorst

Watch this brief video for a look at what Rotary is all about!


What is Rotary? Ken Kohnhorst 0
Posted by Ken Kohnhorst

A Few Reminders From the "Trail Boss"

Please contact Karen and make sure your information is up-to-date for the new directory. New members need to make sure Karen gets a photo from you also. If you are not sure just give her a call.

RotaryFest is coming...time to start selling those tables and start obtaining items for the auction. See Diana or Brad for forms or visit our website for complete information and forms. www.leavenworthrotaryfest.com

If you can help with the Autumn Leaf Parade please let me know.   They can use some more volunteers.

Please take note:
Immediately following the Rotary Training Conference in Penticton, BC on October 15 & 16, I would like to present a TRF Session to your Area's. The following tentative schedule has been worked out for you to review:
Monday October 18-Area 7: Moses Lake
Tuesday October 19-Area 6: Wenatchee
Wednesday October 20-Area 8: Either Yakima or Ellensburg
Thursday October 21 -Area 9: Sunnyside

Roger Perry
PDG District 5060
District Rotary Foundation Chair

Things to Remember... Ken Kohnhorst 0
New Webmaster Ken Kohnhorst 0

As you know our Annual Berry Sale has ended.  Due to the great work of Jordon Brown and wife Annette things went very smoothly.  Also, big thanks to Mike McComas for all his efforts and lastly to everyone who helped at all the distribution sites.
Thanks so much for all your efforts. 

Berry Sale: A success!! 0

How to make up a missed meeting

A club member must attend or make up at least 50 percent of regular club meetings in each half of the year (though some clubs may have more stringent requirements). Any missed meetings must be made up within 14 days of a regular meeting. If traveling, club members are encouraged to visit clubs in the new area to make up a missed meeting. Check the Official Directory or use the Club Locator to get meeting and contact information. Be sure to call or e-mail before you show up for a meeting.

What to do when you can't find a meeting

Rotarians often wonder what to do if there's not a club where they travel or if an emergency causes them to miss a meeting.

One option is to attend a regular meeting of a local Rotaract club, Interact club, Rotary Community Corps or Rotary Fellowship. Attending one of these meetings counts as a make-up.

Another option is to participate in an interactive activity on a Rotary e-club website. Check with your club secretary and the e-club of interest to learn more. If you do use this method don't forget to make sure that you send a copy to Marggie Simmons for the record.  Have copy sent to marggie136@msn.com 

If you want to have help in make-ups contact Mike McComas (mwmccomas@hotmail.com)