July 6 -  Hybrid meeting 
Please join us for our buffet breakfast meeting on Wednesdays at San Juan Island Yacht Club, 8 - 9 AM. Guest speaker:  David Williams
. Zoom is available. Masks are suggested. Deck is open-air option for social time and breakfast.
Home Page Stories
A small but mighty group of Rotarians commanded attention on Spring Street led by Tom Sibert and Mike Griffin, by far the most comical team to hold our banner! Jack Cory drove his beautiful Mercedes Benz SLC 300 with passenger Pete Rose, honoring his 2021-2022 presidential reign. Walkers Michael Martin, Gerry & Nancy Miller, and Queen Bea handed out 500 Concours postcards and 100 toy cars! Photos by Barb Fagan and QB.
Award-winning author and environmental biologist, Thor Hanson, returned to Rotary to discuss his newest book, Hurricane Lizards and Plastic Squid. Not only a scientist, Thor is a consummate storyteller with the ability to take, what could be complex scientific data, and translate to riveting stories of his research and others on the biology of climate change.
He brought a thermometer into the yacht club. It was 70 degrees. Agreeable to most people and animals. But what happens when the temperature is out of control? We take shelter on hot days, stay hydrated, not chopping wood at Noon.
We adjust our behaviors. And the animal world? Plasticity enters the picture.
Thor gave us two examples of squid and lizards (featured on his book cover).
Until 6 - 8 years ago, squid were large and prevalent on CA coastline, then they disappeared from high waves and warmer water passing through. A group of scientists traveled to the area and discovered the squid were still there but had  adapted to the changing climate, triggering an innate reaction. They were more numerous but a fraction of their previous size. Scientists call it 'plasticity'.
Lizards of the Caribbean Islands: Prof Colin Donahue returned home to analyze his extensive lizard data. Within weeks of his return, 2 hurricanes (175 mph winds) devastated the area. Of course, the ever-curious biologist returned to see what had survived. 'Armed' with a leaf blower (explain that to customs) he secured himself in his hotel room with several captured (not harmed) lizards, small branches to simulate hurricane force winds. Lessons learned: from the time of the hurricanes, young lizards had adapted by growing larger toepads with better gripe, measurably larger from pre-hurricane data. A great example of hurricanes driving lizard evolution!
I'll close with one of Thor's favorite quotes from The Leopard: If you want things to stay as they are, things will have to change.
Luke Fincher, President of Rock Solid, a youth team with the San Juan Island Prevention Coalition and a senior at Friday Harbor High School discussed his recent speaking engagement at CADCA (Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America) 32nd National Leadership Forum in Washington, DC. CADCA represents 5,000 coalitions globally involved with anti-drug coalitions, government leaders, youth, addiction treatment professionals, researchers, educators, law enforcement professionals, and faith-based leaders. Collaboration is an absolute key in prevention.
Luke was honored to offer a workshop before 80 people from all over the world, "Why do you do what you do?" was asked of the audience, and to turn to their seat mate and ask this question. Luke was overwhelmed with  the buzz the question created. What he didn't tell us, he received a standing ovation after his workshop! 
Luke has been leading prevention campaigns in our local schools for over 4 years to help promote health and well-being through positive community norms. "I promote health and wellness in my school community by sharing the Healthy Youth Survey data* to correct misperceptions of underage substance abuse among my peers. The fact is most youth do not use. I want to see my classmates reach their full potential." *2018 survey: high school alcohol use has decreased in the past 10 years.
Three years ago, Luke asked Principal Woods to print resources for suicide prevention & Escape the Vape on the back of student ID cards. Rock Solid
also contributed $1,000 prize money from a Red Ribbon contest to purchase an in-house Student ID card machine.
The SJIPC made possible the first Social Host Ordinance in the county, accountability to adults and parents.
Please visit their informative and current website http://www.sjipc.org
Luke is interested in a dual major in Psychology and Environmental Sciences when he starts college in the fall. 
He's already established a rock solid legacy!
Christine Minney, County Council Chair, has been balancing the opinions of fellow council members for the past year. Pandemic active phrase to recovery mode. Our Dept of Health continues to provide vaccinations and tests but we are shifting back to what we did prior to pandemic as local immunization rates have dropped dramatically; regionally, we are at the bottom of the list. We are reopening clinics on Orcas and Lopez soon. Council has given thumbs up for mobile health van to travel to other islands; the first of its kind in the islands, to acquired next year.
Challenge of establishing tax on vacation rental permits distributed in the county. County permits: 650 (335-Orcas, 229-SJ, 85-Lopez) before the current moratorium expires on 7/13/22. New department established, Dept of Environmental Stewardship with 8 employees to oversee solid waste, marine resources, clean water, and cultural resources, with advisory body. 
Distribution of $1.7 million in two rounds of lodging tax to 36 applicants by end of May.
After 20 years in the works, Beaverton Valley Shop structure will be completed by year's end for housing public works, roads, and new dept of Environmental Stewardship, a consolidation of office buildings spread throughout the town. 
Hiring Communication Coordinator, full time. County website will be more user friendly! sanjuanco.com
Positive outlook from covid: public link for council meetings; attend meeting on line. Sign up in advance. Call on people in the order of their sign in time.
Questions from members: affordable housing distribution in 2021 ? - $3 million.
Planning ordinances, density requirements, water & sewage (water survey/data in progress) Home advisory committee discussing rural clusters in county. We have job applicants but no affordable housing to offer them. Circumstances are DIRE, a position we share with most of the state.
Dr. Dethier's love of the rocky shores on the coast of Maine where she spent her childhood summers developed her curiousity of biology, continuing to Carleton College and U of Washington for her Ph.D. As the director of FHL, she continues as a research professor in the biology dept.
Now she works in the mud, gravel and saltmarsh habitats. Since 1978, her focus has been shoreline ecology in the Pacific Northwest.
Her current research efforts involve the linkage of physical features of shoreline habitats and their biota and the effects of human impact such a shoreline armouring.
One of her greatest pleasure comes from teaching undergraduate biology which she had done for only forty years.
Her mission is to create & maintain a world-class facility for marine research and education, and always an eye open toward an egalitarian atmosphere.
On 500 acres, the biological preserve goes around the San Juan Channel. The research facilities have 13 lab buildings; ocean acidification and environment labs, imaging facility, genetics lab, research vessel and diving program. Total housing capacity is 270, with winter occupancy at 25. Dorms, apartments, huts, cottage, and duplexes. Classrooms, large dining hall, large meeting room, computer labs, maint. shop, beautiful library. Whiteley Center for visiting scholars with need for solitude.
Summer is the height of activity with two summer sessions (5 weeks each/20 max). The marine lab is unusual because of its research: genetics to ecosystem, attracting academics from all over the world; an intellectually diverse place". A vibrancy that characterizes FHL.
Community Outreach:  Science Outreach Program for kids on the island, age appropriate lessons. Annual Open House - returning this summer on May 21st. Wednesday seminars, Jazz at the Labs (pending). Tribal Connections.
Challenges:  Covid & Budget. Funding needs never diminish, although Megan stated "send money to Ukraine" right now. Aging infrastructure effects all campuses. UofW is not wealthly. Seattle campus alone has $2B in delayed maintenance.
Keep track of this vibrant community of curious, competent making life changing discoveries by reading Tide Bites, their monthly newsletter. Adopt a Student! https://fhl.uw.edu
John Kulseth, County Assessor, patiently walked us through 2022 taxes and how they got there, assessed value and levy rates. He emphasized there are strict rules how the numbers are determined "every body is treated the same" with a few exceptions: seniors, current use property, designated horse land have separate classes. Challenges: 6 year inspection cycle; every year reevaluation requires public interaction. With people home because of Covid restrictions, appraisers are confronted with privacy concerns; threats, dog unleashed, shot gun! Aerial photos will soon (bill in legislature) be supplemented every year and give them better data. For graphs John displayed for levy changes, please visit their website: hhtp://www.sanjuanco.com/149/assessor or call John at assessor@sanjuanco.com
David Williams - Ct Com Dev & Planning Dir
Jul 06, 2022
Permit, planning, land use & short term rental rules
Rick Hughes
Jul 13, 2022
Rotary President 2022-23
Cody Balcomb-Bartok
Jul 20, 2022
Car Show - FHHS Community Service Project
Tom Sibert
Jul 27, 2022
Concours - volunteer tasks
Tom Sibert and Concours volunteers
Aug 17, 2022
Do and Don't for 2023
Carrie Unpingco, Executive Director
Oct 05, 2022
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