Twenty one of us were in the Home of RCKGM yesterday (Feb 15, 2023).  Cosy!!  To have Ashok and Dipjay as guests.  With a lot of regular members away enjoying travel once again.
Super pleased to have Ark Eden Founder, Jenny Quinton joined to tell us more about her great outdoor work with her awesome camp, the eco center, the 37,000 trees she has planted, & great outdoor education to children she provides on her home base of Lantau.
Thanks Jenny for all you do for our young ones.  As a club we were happy to have you on hand to also pick up your check for the next lucky group of kids we are sending your way. 
Thanks to SOA for educating us on some Historical game changing Ladies of notable history, your “Please Explain”, and filling our “Blue Box”. 
All is good!
Hoping we can get back the bigger RCKGM numbers next time we rumble...which is March 8th! 
P Simon