Maggie J. Huh is a South Korean Qigong  Master  who moved to Hong Kong in 1996, working initially in the hotel industry; she then held a variety of posts in international corporations, specializing in sales and marketing. In addition to this, she owned and managed several restaurants both in Hong Kong and Canada.

At a point, she experienced a new fire inside which drove her to completely change her life path to search for something more fulfilling and meaningful. She decided to go deeper into her meditation practice which had been her secret passion over a decade. 

Her meditation practice initially evolved from what the West had to offer, then exploring Zen Buddhism and the Eastern philosophy and practices. She's a successor(or mystagogue?) of 'Hwarang Simbup' which has been secretly passed down since 6th century in Korea. With her deep interests in Buddhist scriptures and Eastern philosophy, she's been translating her teacher Master Seolwon's books into English for wider audiences. 

She currently lives in Hong Kong and travels regularly to India and South Korea to further her spiritual growth and development. Her daily routine starts with 3:30am meditation and she is living her life as her motto 'benefit to all humankind'. 

She shares her knowledge online as well as offline teaching meditation and offer classes for groups in various organizations, helps individuals with healing therapy and life coaching using unique qigong methods.

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* Note : Maggie's practice is not part of any religious organization nor has any intention to go against any existing religious beliefs. It is purely to help practitioners who want to improve their physical mental health regardless of religious beliefs