Enzio is a multi-faceted, iconoclastic global citizen: He was born in Namibia and raised in the US (1960s), Germany (1970s) and the UK (1980s). Since 1986, he has covered Asia from his global perch. He moved to Hong Kong in 1989, where he has resided since with his wife, Elizabeth.
Education. In the 1960s, he completed his grade school and high school in Eugene, Oregon, where is become one of America’s youngest-ever Boy Scouts to be awarded the medals of Eagle and God and Country. In the 1970s, he returned to Germany to complete his German Abitur and subsequently study economics in Freiburg i. Br., Germany - inter alia, under Friedrich von Hayek. His PhD focused on German direct investments in the United States. He was awarded top scholarships whilst at university, where his other passions were music and history.
Contribution. Enzio seeks to contribute via the press, teaching, writing and public speaking. He has done prolific TV appearances on BBC, CNBC and CNN, and continues contributing to  Bloomberg TV and radio. Enzio is the regular Thursday guest on RTHK’s Radio 3 “Money Talk” at 8:10 AM.  He has taught macro investment economics at the University of Freiburg and at City University Business School (London).  Author of four books on applied macro-investment economics, he runs a complimentary macro-investment blog at www.enziovonpfeil.com.  He is a public speaker.
Career. He has worked for some of the finest banks of their day: Morgan Guaranty Trust (trainee); J Henry Schroder Wagg (currency); Smith New Court Far East (Chief Regional Economist), and S G Warburg Securities Far East (Chief Regional Economist).
Now. Enzio is embarking on a new career as a Associate Partner at St. James’s Place, Hong Kong. He helps individuals to create and preserve their hard-earned wealth in a seasoned, trustworthy manner.