We need to establish innovation and entrepreneurship in our companies to stay in. We live in very exciting times, with so much revolutionary technology around, companies need to unleash the power of their people to innovate. What is in the way of this need to transform? 

What if top leaders see the need to transform and can't make their teams move along the change? What if fear to change holds back essential speed of change? What if uncertainty is blocking the route to unknown innovations? 

I support leaders and companies to get fit for the innovation run and help teams to work against all odds to succeed. 

Innovation Leadership and entrepreneurship demand a new skills set for leaders and talents of today. 

With 20 years in Corporate Human Resources, with both global Multinational and medium-sized companies, in Europe, Hong Kong and China, I support leaders to
- manage the internal barriers to greater innovation readiness, 
- engage and lead team members to innovate 
- plan for the unknown and manage the process of innovating 
- getting through the innovation to execute the project. AND keeping the fun when the going gets tough. 

Coaching can help leaders grow and ignite from within, thus establishing new ways of coping with change, initiating innovation and continuous learning in their teams. Inspiring openness and learning to manage talent and change is what I passionately do - and this includes coping with frustration and pressure to perform. And having fun!