Posted by James Boggie on Apr 11, 2017

It’s that time of year again - the weather is heating up, and people are looking for excuses to get out of the house! Of course, there is no better excuse than community service.

Boston Rotaract will be tabling at the Annual Volunteer Expo at the Prudential Center on April 13! We have attended the Volunteer Expo for years, and we always have a great time.  There will be a lot of nonprofits sharing about their volunteer opportunities, so it's a great chance to learn about local organizations and get connected.


Location: Prudential Center, Huntington & Belvidere Arcades (near Club Monaco)
Date: Thursday, April 13
Time: Stop by anytime between 5PM and 7PM

If you would like to join us to represent Boston Rotaract, please email Chi at

Tabling events are important to our club.  Without them, we wouldn’t have met some of our most active members over the years. Thanks in advance to all the members who turn out to represent Rotaract!
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Posted by James Boggie on Apr 09, 2017
Cambridge Rotary's Chalk on the Walk 2016
Cambridge Rotary has put out a call for artists for their Chalk on the Walk fundraiser on Sunday, May 7 during the 34th annual Harvard Square MayFair. Chalk on the Walk is the Cambridge version of an Italian street painting festival and the club's annual fundraiser that allows the club to provide vital support in the Cambridge community through service projects, college scholarships, and partnerships with Cambridge service organizations.
Chalk on the Walk depends on volunteer artists. Artists receive a section of street and supplies to create their masterpieces, thanks to generous sponsorship by local businesses and individuals. Artists are recruited from the region and compete for prize money. 
Consider using your artistic skills to support these great causes! Artists of all skill levels are welcome. There are many open spaces this year, so do not hesitate to volunteer. If you are interested, please submit this two page application by May 1. Please share with your friends as well. If you have any questions, you can contact Natascha Finnerty at 508-331-4530 or
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Posted by James Boggie on Apr 03, 2017
Rebecca Davies in San FranciscoRebecca Davies has been a mainstay of Boston Rotaract activities for two years now. She’s always friendly and quick with a joke. She has brought a lot of joy to the club, so we decided to share a little of it with the world in our first member highlight.
Boston Rotaract: Hello Rebecca, thanks for taking the time to talk to us today. Can you start by telling us more about yourself?
Rebecca: Hi! I’m Rebecca, and I’m a commercial real estate banker. I chose this path after majoring in Finance and Real Estate at Penn State. I love that real estate is a tangible domain. I particularly enjoy the analytical side of things and that it’s not all about the quantitative aspect, but also about qualitative criteria.
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Posted by Donald Washington on Feb 08, 2017
World Peace and Understanding DinnerOn February 8th, Rotary District 7930 hosted the World Peace and Understanding Dinner. The dinner focused on the humanitarian crisis in Syria. Attendees heard from Sam Khatib, a leader and activist in the Syrian American community on the Syrian Refugee crisis. A volunteer from the brave White Helmets in Aleppo Skyped in as well. The presentations were very powerful, and really touched the attendees.
Don was one of the Rotaract attendees that Cambridge Rotary graciously sponsored. He had this to say of the dinner:
"Tonight, I had the wonderful opportunity to attend the Rotary World Peace and Understanding Dinner. I had some knowledge of what was going on in Syria, in regards of the war. However, after what I saw, I can honestly say that my mind was blown away by the grim reality that Syria was facing throughout all these years. One scene that really stood out to me was when the White Helmets, a volunteer rescue group composed of regular civilians, responded to an air strike bombing. Within the mountains of rubble, they found a baby no more than a month old. The fact that he survived was crazy but what was crazier is that the battlefield and bloodshed is a part of his childhood. The child was rightfully dubbed "the miracle baby." A true miracle indeed. To be in the same room with fellow Rotarians that care about creating peace in this world was very inspiring to me. As a Rotaractor myself, I truly understand the motto of "Service Above Self". Those civilians, the White Helmets, who unselfishly put their lives in the line of fire, are true epitomes of that. Their quote states their mission best, "To save a life is to save all of humanity."
Syrians need help. Throughout the month of February, the organizers are collecting desperately needed clothing to send to Syria. They'll be collecting through the month of February at the collection sites listed in this flyer. You can also check for additional locations.
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Posted by James Boggie on Jan 23, 2017
Crowd gathered for MLK Day with Many Happy Hands 365
Crowd of thousands gathered outside Cambridge City Hall for a day of service.
Every year, people across the country and around the world honor the life and message of Martin Luther King Jr. with a day of service. Participants perform community service as the embodiment of MLK's message of peace. This tradition dates back to 1994, when Senator Harris Wofford and Congressman John Lewis introduced the King Holiday and Service Act. Our club has proudly celebrated this tradition in the past.
This year, eleven Rotaractors joined Many Helping Hands for an afternoon of community service. The event started with a celebration of Martin Luther King Jr., including gospel music, short speeches, and even some trivia. It was an inspiring beginning.
An assortment of Valentine's Day cards.The crowd split into groups for various service projects. We were assigned to make Valentine's Day cards for elders and soldiers. Organizers provided materials like colored pencils, markers, and patterned papers. Otherwise, we were left to our own devices. We have some talented members who got really into the work. We made some impressive cards.
Part of our group was asked to help sort books and assemble activity kits for kids in the hospital.
After the event, Chi led us to a restaurant for food and fellowship. It was a great event, and I look forward to next year. You can see more photos from the event here.
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Posted by Daniel Kallen on Dec 05, 2016
Several members visited the Haley House Bakery Cafe on November 28. Our club has volunteered there many times in the last few years, and Group shot of Rotaract volunteers at Haley Housewe always love the experience. Daniel offers his experience here.
Last week we spent some time baking cookies at the Haley House Bakery Cafe in an effort to assist with their Transitional Employment Program, or TEP. The TEP seeks to break the cycle of incarceration by supporting people who are returning home from prison, or who have been court involved and are looking for positive experience, mentorship, and direction.
TEP provides a real, paid work experience producing wholesale bakery products for the Haley House Bakery Cafe. Through the cookie bake, TEP'ers learn both the hard and soft skills needed to maintain stable employment after incarceration.
We all really enjoyed helping out with the cookie bake, and are looking forward to working with Haley House again in the near future! We are currently in the process of planning ways for Rotaract to become more involved with mentoring TEP'ers, and are excited to see how we can work with them longer term.
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Posted by Daniel Kallen on Nov 21, 2016
Rotaract members volunteer for the Boston Debate League.
Boston Debate League is an organization that organizes debates for Middle School and High School students in Boston Public Schools. This past Saturday, we had the opportunity to judge several debates at a tournament at Burke High School.
The topic in question was whether the United States should publicly denounce corporations for buying manufactured goods from China, on the grounds that many factories in China pay their workers poorly, and do not maintain safe work places for many of their workers. This topic is very complex, and it was really enjoyable to watch the students debate their stances, often having to improvise their rebuttals to one another.
The level of dedication and interest that the students displayed was impressive. It was a great volunteer event not only because it was interesting to watch the students debate, but also because we were able to give them constructive feedback so that they can improve their skills.
We had a great time helping out, and now that we're experienced judges, I look forward to hopefully having the opportunity to judge at another debate in the future.
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Posted by Daniel Kallen on Nov 13, 2016
The Boston Debate League (BDL) is a non-profit organization that works in partnershipBoston Debate League example photo with the Boston Public Schools (BPS) to support academic debate teams in local high schools and train BPS teachers to use debate as a regular part of their classroom practice.
Through BDL, students get exposure to a variety of topics, including economic, political, and social issues currently facing society. By debating on these topics, students get a chance to hone their communicative and analytical skills, helping to prepare them for the future. Students who participate in BDL typically see improvement in a variety of standard indicators of college readiness, including standardized test scores, GPAs, and advanced placement test scores.
The primary method in which BDL participants get exposure to debate is through tournaments. These tournaments are typically on Fridays and Saturdays, and occur throughout their October-March debate season. BDL relies heavily on volunteers to help with judging—an essential part of the debate. By volunteering to judge, you will have the opportunity to listen to debaters, take notes, offer encouragement, and ultimately determine a winner.
BDL’s mission aligns closely with Rotary International’s missions of providing education, as well as economic and community development, and I look forward to volunteering with them this Saturday, November 19th, at Burke High School.
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Posted by Anu Rayamajhi on Nov 04, 2016
Several Rotaractors volunteered at St. Francis House on November 5th. Anu was kind enough to report on the experience.
Rotaract members volunteer at St. Francis House.The St. Francis House has welcomed poor and homeless men and women for 30 years and not only do they provide meals, they also provide services such as clothes, hot showers, counseling in mental health, substance abuse, housing and other issues.
There were 5 Rotaract volunteers including myself. First we assisted the kitchen staff by prepping the food, we cut and organized 3 boxes of breads, we prepared salads, and we made pb and j sandwiches. We then cleaned the kitchen to prepare for our guests. For lunch we served, tuna casserole, salad, and oranges. Once lunch began we served the food and smiles to the St. Francis House guests in an assembly line. Once lunch was over we helped cleaned the entire kitchen and dishes remaining.  
You can see more photos from the event here.
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Posted by Amy Collinsworth on Oct 23, 2016
Rotary District Governor Sheryl Meehan addresses Boston Rotaract about Rotary and community service.

District Governor Sheryl Meehan addressing the club on October 20.

During our October 20th meeting we had the pleasure of hosting District Governor Sheryl Meehan for her official visit of the year! Sheryl presented about the broad scope of Rotary International work, including the impact made on the world through Rotary projects in the official Areas of Focus. Sheryl also gave high praise for Boston Rotaract during for the many service projects we do, our commitment to making sustainable impact in Boston, and how our members exemplify Rotary values. She said "I LOVE this club. I love the enthusiasm, fun, smiles, and energy of this club. Don't ever lose it!" 

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Posted by James Boggie on Sep 27, 2016
On Sunday, Steve Jones-D'Agostino interviewed our own Amy Collinsworth, Sheryl Meehan, and Dave Gardner on Business Beat. They gave a great overview of the event, and really represented Rotary well. It's great to see our event getting so much attention.
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Posted by James Boggie on Sep 26, 2016
Maria Vertkin, far right, tells the story of Found in Translation at our September 15th meeting.
At our last meeting, we were joined by Maria Vertkin, the founder and executive director of the nonprofit Found in Translation. Maria is a nonprofit superstar: she's a Superstar Foundation Veronica Award winner, the 2011 Kip Tiernan Social Justice Fellow, and a 2016 Forbes 30 Under 30 Social Entrepreneur, among other things. We were thrilled to have her speak about the nonprofit’s powerful mission and great work.
Maria launched Found in Translation in 2011 with a dual mission: “help[ing] homeless and low-income multilingual women to achieve economic security” and “reduc[ing] ethnic, racial, and linguistic disparities in health care.” Both are worthy missions that Rotary has supported for decades. However, Found in Translation has a unique and ingenious approach to addressing both of these persistent problems: training these multilingual women to provide medical interpretation services. 
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Posted by James Boggie on Aug 17, 2016
Boston Rotaract congratulates Anu Rayamajhi for receiving Paul Harris Fellow recognition. District Governor Sheryl Meehan and Robert Gravino visited our meeting to surprise Anu with the honor.
The Paul Harris Fellow recognition was established in 1957 to honor individuals who donate over $1000 to The Rotary Foundation. Anu earned this recognition by personally raising $1000 for Healthy Kids/Brighter Future, which became $2500 through matching grants. She was inspired to act after the nonprofit's founder Lonnie Hackett spoke to our club in December 2015. She collected the money through small donations from friends, coworkers, and Rotaractors.
Boston Rotaract is proud to have Anu as a member. She exemplifies Service Above Self. She worked hard to raise that money for a great cause. We aspire to be a club that empowers young people to change the world. Anu shows we are well on our way.
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Posted by Daniel Kallen on Aug 10, 2016
Rotaractors Meg, Chi, Amy, and Daniel pose after their shift.
On Thursday, August 11th, four members volunteered at the Meals Program by Victory Programs' Boston Living Center's. The Boston Living Center describes itself as "a non-profit community and resource center whose mission is to foster the wellness of all HIV positive people and respond to the changing needs of the HIV/AIDS community." Our members had a great time serving meals to the community. Local Service Chair Daniel Kallen had this to say of the event:
We all had an awesome time helping out at the Boston Living Center. I was in the kitchen cleaning dishes, while everyone else was working the line serving food.
I think Boston Living Center is a great organization because the people I met there were all awesome, both staff and visitors. Also, I like the idea that it's targeted towards the HIV+ community, as low income HIV+ is a particularly vulnerable community. The people were great, the host was hilarious, and we all got to eat some awesome empanadas. The Boston Living Center is an awesome organization, and I look forward to scheduling more events with them in the future.
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Posted by Amy Collinsworth on Jul 04, 2016
On Thursday, June 30th, Amy Collinsworth was the first President installed at the Rotary District 7930 Installation along with 47 other presidents of Rotary Clubs. In fact, this was the first time a Rotaract president participated in the ceremony.
Amy was joined by Mallory McCoy, the outgoing president of Boston Rotaract and the newly appointed District Rotaract Representative. 
These two energetic and service-minded young professionals are picture with Julia Phelps, our most recent RI Director.
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