Rebecca Davies in San FranciscoRebecca Davies has been a mainstay of Boston Rotaract activities for two years now. She’s always friendly and quick with a joke. She has brought a lot of joy to the club, so we decided to share a little of it with the world in our first member highlight.
Boston Rotaract: Hello Rebecca, thanks for taking the time to talk to us today. Can you start by telling us more about yourself?
Rebecca: Hi! I’m Rebecca, and I’m a commercial real estate banker. I chose this path after majoring in Finance and Real Estate at Penn State. I love that real estate is a tangible domain. I particularly enjoy the analytical side of things and that it’s not all about the quantitative aspect, but also about qualitative criteria.
BR: If you were stranded on a desert island, which one item you would take with you and why?
R: The first item that springs to my mind is sunscreen, because I burn easily. Thinking more deeply, I would take a Wi-Fi hotspot with a Wi-Fi enabled device to send an email for help.
BR: That makes two items…
R: Sunscreen then.
BR: Safety first! Good to know. And what are your top 3 hobbies?
R: I am a resident tourist in Boston. I love the Freedom Trail because there is so much history nestled throughout the city. I also enjoy Pinterest crafts. Recently, I upcycled some wine and beer bottles to make candles. It was a labor of love, from cutting the tops off the bottles with a glass cutter to standing over a stove for 45 minutes trying to melt the candle wax in a double boiler. Definitely worth it! Finally, I’m an avid Penn State football fan, and I traveled to the Rose Bowl in 2017 to cheer on my Nittany Lions.
BR: Do you have any special skills? Anything fun that you can do that people might not know?
R: I like to sing, and I can remember the words to almost any song that I hear.
BR: Thank you Rebecca for telling us more about yourself. So, how did you become acquainted with Rotaract?
R: My dad joined our local Rotary club in Hollidaysburg, PA when I was 8 years old. He would bring me to volunteer events and I loved the feeling of giving back and helping others. When I got to college, I joined Penn State Rotaract, and was eventually elected president of the club. When I arrived in Boston in January 2015, joining Boston Rotaract was the natural next step for me. I didn’t know anyone when I moved to Boston, so joining the club allowed me to meet others from diverse backgrounds and cultures with the same desire to help as me.
BR: Is that the reason you kept coming back to the club?
R: Yes! Boston Rotaract helped me meet people from around the world and become a better person. At each event and meeting, something good happens and makes me laugh.
BR: And what is your favorite memory from your time in the club?
R: There are so many to choose from, but I think I might have to choose the Women in Rotary event. I was at a volunteer event and I was wearing my Rotaract shirt. I was approached by Carol Agate, who identified herself as the lawyer who argued the landmark 1987 Supreme Court case to allow women to join Rotary. I said to her, “I’m here today because of you.” I wanted everyone to hear her story. Along with other members of the club, we planned the Women in Rotary forum featuring Ms. Agate to highlight the Supreme Court case and the impact of women in Rotary.
BR: This event was a real success! Thank you for helping make it happen. Last question, what would you tell people considering taking the leap and joining the club?
Rebecca Davies at the Greater Boston Food BankR: DO IT! Boston Rotaract is a welcoming club and great for meeting people, especially if you’re new to the city. Being a member also helps you become exposed to different organizations and be able to give back to the city.
BR: Such a love declaration! Thanks a lot Rebecca for your dedication and support.
We hope you like learning about Rebecca. If you're interested in meeting her or any of our other members, you can attend our Relaunch Party on April 6.