Terry Pinfold and his hardworking team of assessors have ploughed their way through the year’s scholarship applications, resulting in presentations to be made at the January 28th BBQ meeting at the Khandallah Bowling Club. We thank the team for their hard work.
Just what the scholarships mean is conveyed in the following [abbreviated] report from Mitch Steere, one of the 2020 recipients.
“I want to start off with a massive thank you. Without help, it would change the way I live most likely not just this past year, but my future as well. Any amount goes such a long way with students as it sets us up with possibilities.
University was different this year with the majority of the struggles coming from the lockdown due to COVID-19. I decided to stay in Otago where I study, as I knew that coming home might cause me to lose focus on my studies and Otago has conditioned me as the place that I study. I did indeed struggle immensely learning how to study where I sleep, exercise, relax, hang out, and socialise. Many people don’t understand how hard this really is, lockdown for some was great and relaxing but for those that did have to study all day most days of the week. it was a lot more stressful than actually going to university because study difficulty was now doubled. I persevered and tried my hardest and did manage to get good grades but not as great as I had hoped for. Although this happened, I did learn a lot more about myself and gained experience, and proved to myself that, if I can work hard and persevere through a world pandemic, I can succeed through a lot more situations.
Once the second semester started it was like a breath of fresh air going back to face-to-face. I excelled and worked just as hard as I did in lockdown and even more, resulting in my best grades I have ever had in my university career. If it wasn’t for this scholarship, I’m sure that the opportunity to stay in Otago to study wouldn’t have surfaced as it helped me with my tuition fees It paved the way for me to pay for food, power, and all the other necessities required. I am so very appreciative as it gave me a better means of while focussing on what I moved to Otago for.”