Posted by David Pickering on Apr 04, 2019
4 April 2019  
  THIS WEEK President Michael welcomed Jeremy  Spanjaard's wife Vivienne and Brian Poole's wife Janet. He said that Morris Robertson and Brian Poole would each present a eulogy on one of the past members who had recently died. Brian Poole would then preside over the rest of the meeting.

Morris Robertson spoke about Derek Etherington who he had known for many years and who he had introduced to the club.  Derek died when a car he was working on somehow landed on him.  The details are not known. Derek had been an active member of the club and is perhaps best remembered for his successful campaigns to sell Christmas puddings. He is survived by his wife who was in hospital at the time of the accident.
Brian Poole recalled Rev Fraser Paterson who was the Minister of the Khandallah Presbyterian Church from 2001 to 2008  and was a member of the club during that time.  Brian said that he was a character and would be remembered for his jokes.  Some members still have copies of a book he published containing a selection. His funeral will be at Khandallah Presbyterian Church on Monday 8th April at 1 P.M.