Filling the last 1kg bag
"It’s like the good old days of Rotary, a working bee followed by coffee and a chat”. So spoke Margaret Emerre after a successful Level 2 compliant working bee at Chez Nunns to transfer the contents of five 20kg bags of rice into 1kg bags for distribution by Kiwi Community Assistance. This was part of a second consignment of eight tonnes of rice donated by Tulsi’s Monty Patel. Johnsonville Rotary Club had already bagged up about 200kg and, having completed the Wellington North operation so quickly, President Lionel and the team are keen to do another round. The bagged rice is being rapidly despatched to Foodbanks.
Rice bagging complete
KCA has had another busy May to date with nearly 19 tons of food rescued and redistributed out into the community. As the demand for supplies for stocks for food parcels grows exponentially KCA has widened its reach for bulk stocks. In the last few days, two tons of fresh and flavoured milk arrived from Palmerston North and they are awaiting three pallets of pork from Auckland, which is an added bonus for the local food banks. One problem, being faced by Tracy is some of KCA’s funding streams, which support the overhead costs, have gone due to previously supporting businesses not reopening. Individuals can support this vital work through the Give A Little page.